10 Hardware Tools You Need at Home

Hardware Tools

Doing repairs at home is a nice idea, especially when you want to save money and learn to do things on your own. It will help you save money from paying the person to do it and you can learn and discover new things at the same time.

If you want to start investing in a hardware tools at home, you should always consider the importance and use of each tool. Here’s a list of the most essential hardware tools that you need to have at home:

1. Hammers

The most common and basic tool that you should keep at home is a hammer. Most of the fixes at home require a hammer to us, such as the pounding of nails, aligning a piece of wood, and etc. It is recommended to choose a hammer that has a comfortable grip. To prevent damaging your future work, choose a hammer with a smooth head.

2. Screwdrivers

Phillips and flat head screwdrivers should be present in your tool kit at home as these are useful in doing your cordless electric drills. If you are going to purchase these tools, make sure to invest in a good quality set.

3. Wrenches

Manipulating hex nuts and bolts is easier when you have adjustable wrenches available in your tool box. Home repair on your own will be spectacular if these wrenches are adjustable in different sizes.

4. Pliers

To help you do electrical repairs easily, you need a set of pliers at home. This set includes long-nose, locking, and combination pliers. If you have an extra budget for this tool, you can also add a wire stripper into your pliers set. They are definitely a great help in every electrical project that you will do.

5. Measuring Tape

This is the most basic among the hardware tools that you need. Every hardware tool kit should have this measuring tape. You will need it in every project and repair that you are going to accomplish at home. Choose a measuring tape that is easy-locking and is ¾-inch wide so it won’t easily fall out of place.

6. C-clamp

When you need to file, glue or saw something, you may need a c-clamp to hold it steady and properly.

7. Drill Bits

To support you in drilling with an indoor or outdoor project, it is nice to have your drill bits handy. Making holes for your nails or any other needs will be easier with this hardware tool. Start with essential drill and if you are ready to upgrade, then invest in a few quality sets. There are hardware shops in Singapore that can offer high quality but affordable tools from metal, wood, and universal drill bits.

8. Flashlight

You may think that it is enough that you already have a flashlight on your smartphone. But no! You should also invest on a good and quality LED flashlight to help you work even in the night time. This will not fail to give you the light that you really need when your phone flashlight goes out of battery.

9. Electrical Cord

You can do a safe electrical repair at home when using a well-insulated electrical cord. This tool will benefit you from indoor and outdoor projects.

10. Tool Box

You may think that this is the least of all the hardware tools that you need. But a good tool box organizer can do a lot of protection and security for all your tools. You can start by purchasing a sturdy and inexpensive tool box, then upgrade it when you already save up for a larger one.

You may spend money at first, but investing on these hardware tools can be for future needs. You can never go wrong because these are truly a useful investment at home. Every house should have these basic and important hardware tools.


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