10 Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Wedding Day

The wedding day is very important for couples. You are doing your best to create the most memorable day in you and your partner’s life. It is your goal to provide a convenient reception, elegant wedding theme, enticing menu, and much more. It is always for the couple and guests. That is why you are looking for ways to how to keep your guests entertained during your big day.

Check these unique ideas on how you can wow your guests in your wedding:

1. Consider a Photo Booth.

Almost every occasion sets up a photo booth for their attendees. It is because people love photos as a memorabilia for the event. It is one of the best ways to entertain your guests.  You can either hire a photo booth service that can provide printouts and props for the photo shoot. You can also try the DIY and invest in a Polaroid camera, let someone from the wedding team assist your guests in the photo booth. This will definitely keep them interested.

2. Set Up a Video Confessional Booth.

This is a very exciting idea to try. Instead of renting a photo booth, you can hire a videographer and set up a booth where your guests can leave a short message for you and your partner. You can also choose a theme like something funny or bazaar things that they can tell people about the couple. Compile these short messages as a wedding memory for your big day. You can also ask them to do a quick edit for the most entertaining confessions and make a video presentation for the entire guest.

3. A Classic Karaoke.

If you know that more of your guests love singing, you can consider a karaoke session. This is one of the most affordable ways to entertain your friends, relatives, and loved ones. You can never go wrong with a classic karaoke session.

4. Hire a Wedding Live Band.

Consider hiring a wedding live band. It is best if you keep it secret so they will be surprised if the live band performs on the stage. You can choose what genre will best fit your event. You can choose jazz band, or do a good search and look for a wedding live band that can perform any music genre.

5. Get a Wedding DJ.

Let your wedding guests dance to the beat of the music. Hire a wedding DJ who can play sweet and romantic music. Or you can also ask the guests to request for their favourite songs to play.

6. Consider Professional Dancers.

A surprise flash mob or a choreographed dance move can keep the guests entertain. Organise and hire professional dancers to successfully achieve this.

7. Wedding Food Cart Mania.

Serve the wedding menu in a very artistic and creative way such as using food truck and food van options. It can create festive feelings to every guest. Of course, do not just settle for this twist, also make sure that you provide a very scrumptious meal they can enjoy.

8. Serve Cocktails in Enticing Presentation.

Serving cocktails is also an essential part of the wedding reception. Catch the attention of every guest by presenting your cocktails in colourful trays. They will surely wait for this exciting part.

9. Face Paint for Children.

Since it is a wedding event, it is highly possible that most of your guests are adults. But that does not mean that you don’t need to consider the kids’ comfort. Entertain them by providing face painting during the wedding reception; they will surely love your wedding day. And parents will definitely enjoy, too.

10. Colouring Books for Kids.

Give something to let the children stay busy to avoid a not so good scene of children’s tantrums. Provide a colouring book to the tables that have a kid.

Your wedding day is just a once in a lifetime event so make sure to make it a memorable for you and your guests. Let them remember your big day with all the twists and unique ideas you have.


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