3 Myths About Document Shredding

http://www.knowledge.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/shredder-779850_1280.jpg3 Myths About Document Shredding

You may have heard people making assumptions or read articles about document shredding, what it is like and what it is not, and how it can affect you. Some of these may be true, but some are not. That’s why it is important to debunk these myths about document shredder and rely on facts only.

Read on to learn about # common misconceptions related to document shredding.

Myth #1: Shredding is too time-consuming.

Fact: Document shredding is fast and efficient.

If you’re looking for a document shredder for office, buy one that offers fast performance to save you time and effort. It’s also good to consider its features, including the ability to shred multiple pages, large capacity, a long runtime, and a short cool-down time.

One type of shredder you can check out is the strip-cut shredder. It’s affordable, easy, and fast due to its single cutting mechanism. It cuts paper into long, narrow, and tiny strips. This paper shredder machine, however, offers the least amount of data protection and security. So, it is only recommended for shredding non-confidential documents.

Myth #2: Shredded paper cannot be recycled.

Fact: Shredded paper is completely recyclable just like normal paper.

It is one of the most common items that can be placed in the recycling bins. If you’re using a document shredder at home or office, be sure to put the shredded paper in a large paper or plastic bag. You’ll also want to consult your city officials or authority for the correct recycling process. Most shredded papers, when prepared and contained properly, are recycled as tissue paper, paper towels, egg cartons, or coffee filters.

And aside from recycling, you can also reuse shredded paper as compost, a filler in the bottom of gift baskets, or a fire starter in your campfire. You can even use it to pack and secure delicate items that need soft padding when boxed.

Myth #3: No one will look through your trash.

Fact: Identity thefts/scammers often go through landfills/dumpsites to find financial records and any other confidential or sensitive information they can use or make a profit from.

This is the reason why your business, regardless of how small or big it is, needs a document shredder machine. Identify theft cases are prevalent, and the risk is increased if you don’t properly destroy your corporate documents that contain confidential or sensitive information.

Identity thieves or scammers who go through landfills or dumps sites to look for undestroyed corporate documents may use your account details or client names to open up loans and exploit your business. Hence, to avoid identity theft and fraud, it’s smart to practice document shredding.

How to Buy a Document Shredder?

If you haven’t bought a document shredder, now is the time to do it. Don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated by the tons of online retailers or shops – if you take the right steps, purchasing one can be a pleasant experience.

The key is to consider your budget and needs. Ask yourself first how much you are willing to spend and your purpose for buying it. Will you use it as a business shredder or to destroy optical media such as CDs and DVDs? Make sure to think first before buying.

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