3 Tips for Choosing a Storage Rack System in Singapore

storage rack system singapore

The right storage rack helps you run your business more efficiently. It lets you store more without having to expand your square footage. You get to maximize your vertical space, which is beneficial, especially for spaces with high ceilings. 


A storage system must be fit for your needs and be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. It should be easy to install, low-maintenance, and yet extremely durable. 


Here are tips to help you choose a storage rack system in Singapore


  • Look for high-quality material.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to the racking material. The material should be sturdy so it won’t give way easily. You should be able to make full use of the allowed weight or loading capacity. 


Look for a rack that won’t corrode or rust so it also won’t affect the quality of your inventory. You can work with a storage solutions provider to customize a racking system that’s compatible with the items you’re storing. 


Whether you only require a light-duty racking system for items that can be retrieved by hand or a heavy-duty one for bulky or heavy items, try to look into your long-term plans as well. 


You might be planning to add more to your inventory or switch to an entirely new range of products. As much as possible, your storage solutions should be able to accommodate these changes so you won’t have to need new ones. 


  • Think about space requirements.

The reason you’re investing in storage racks is that you want to make the most of the available space. Depending on the layout of your warehouse or commercial space, you may be able to accommodate wider and longer shelves. 


If you’re using forklifts to navigate the storage room, there should be enough aisle space between racks. The racks themselves should be able to endure occasional hits or bumps. 


If your staff will be walking around, the aisle space should be comfortable so they can move with ease even when carrying huge boxes or containers, or pushing trolleys. 


There’s no single correct formula for rack dimensions and aisle measurements. It depends on your needs, that’s why it helps to have a professional rack supplier inspect the site. 


  • Consider automated racking solutions.

If you need heavy-duty racking systems, discuss automated options with a reputable supplier. 


You need to talk about the type of products you’re storing, whether they’re highly perishable or not, their weight, and your picking requirements. You may need a system that allows you to retrieve those with the earliest expiry dates first, by cases or pallets, or by piece. 


An automated system will reduce the risks of human errors, protect your inventory and your staff, and increase productivity in your daily operations.


Ready to shop for a storage rack system in Singapore?

The process can be confusing at first. But with the help of a professional storage rack system supplier in  Singapore, it’ll be easier to compare options and decide which works best for your specific requirements. You can also discuss your budget and work within what you can afford, without setting aside quality.


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