3 Tips for Conducting a Domestic Helper Interview

Even if you’re partnering with a reputable maid agency in Singapore, it still pays to interview candidates yourself.

You’re looking for an individual who you can rely on for your household needs. You don’t want to depend on resumes alone in determining which candidate is a great fit.

Some applicants may seem perfect, especially with their impressive background experience. But then you realise during your meeting that it might not work with them.

During interviews, you’ll want to make the most of your time and learn as much as possible about the applicants. You’ll want the conversation, either with transfer maids or new helpers, to be relaxed.

To help you accomplish that, we’ve put together some tips for conducting a domestic helper interview. Let’s get started.

1. Prepare a questionnaire.
Think of it as though you’re hiring an employee for a top-level position.

You’re entrusting your household to your helper, so you’ll want to make sure you’re making a smart choice. Come to the interview prepared. Think about why you wanted to hire a helper.

What are your priorities, and how do you think a helper can help you?

From there, draw your questionnaire so you can find out more about the candidate’s professional experience and personality.

2. Set a convenient time.
As much as possible, you don’t want to rush the interview. Minimize background noise and make arrangements so the kids won’t interfere during the interview.

Set a schedule that works best for you, and try your best to keep it. Delaying may cause you to lose great applicants.

If you choose to interview in person, coordinate with the maid agency in Singapore if you can have it done at their office.

If you are to hold it in another location, choose an area that’s quiet enough so you can hear each other properly and not so busy so you won’t feel compelled to leave too quickly.

You may also choose to conduct the interview online, but check first if interviewees have access to a stable internet connection.

3. Ask about their professional and personal background.
Gather information that matters to you.

Do you need transfer maids who are familiar with your culture or religion? Do you not mind a new helper with less professional experience as long as they’re willing to be trained?

Your maid will be your partner in managing your household needs. It’s okay to learn more about where they’re from and their reasons for working as a helper. You might also want to find out if they’re currently employed and why they’re looking for a new employer.

Ask for details regarding their previous experience as transfer maids. Construct your questions so they’re not answerable by yes or no. Encourage applicants to share more about themselves.

Be professional and come prepared as the employer
By conducting a domestic helper interview yourself, you get to gauge applicants better. You get to decide more confidently who you think will match your household best.

It helps to share information about your household too so applicants can set their expectations and decide whether they would like to work for you.

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