5 Reasons Why Student Exchange Programmes are Worth the Second Look

“Students that pursue greater knowledge often find greater success.”

Many universities and schools create ways for students to attain that greater knowledge. Academic programmes of different kinds are developed for the enrichment of the students. One of which is the Student Exchange Program. A program for students to be able to study abroad at one of their university or school’s partner institutions. This opportunity is somehow overlooked by some.

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Here are some reasons to consider studying abroad as an exchange student.

1. It is For Greater Knowledge The primary reason why the student exchange programmes are conducted is to enable students to gain more knowledge and experience greater than the local university can provide. They get the chance to study at prestigious universities and top educational institutions. The exchange students experience “International Education” with varying academic courses that they choose to learn. They can also understand global issues, cultures, and broaden their general knowledge.

2. New Language, New Culture, And New Friends A student can learn new languages, discover new cultures and make new friends. Commonly, exchange students get a chance to live with a host family. They provide the room and meals for the
students. The host families are prepared to experience a new culture and in turn, give a new cultural experience to the student as well. The host family becomes the students’ second family. While living with a host family, a student may have to learn their dialect to understand them better. Student can make new friendships with the locals or fellow exchange students enhancing their social skills. They can develop long-lasting friendships and create unforgettable moments.

3. Personal Development Studying abroad can help student to grow as an individual. Independence, self-confidence, creativity, flexibility and self-esteem are a few traits that students develop during their studies as an exchange student. They become mature and socially capable of confronting challenges that they face. Students from exchange programmes make smart decisions and can voice out their opinions. Finishing the program can also give students a lasting feeling of great accomplishment that can propel them towards success.

4. Scholarship Grants to Study Abroad Many educational institutions and universities in Singapore offer scholarship grants for qualified students for the student exchange program. Students that excel in Academics, Sports and Arts are qualified to apply for scholarships. Scholarships cover the course fees, examination fees, book allowance and other compulsory fees. They also offer financial assistances to needy but exemplary students. Passing out on this opportunity is such a loss for student who desire greater knowledge.

5. Employment Prospects Finishing a student exchange program can enhance one’s employment prospects. The experiences on the program will most likely help the students broaden their career opportunities. Students finishing the program can show employers that they’re flexible, independent and creative. Being employed, the problems and challenges they face on their new workplace can be easily confronted and solved. Being able to face different cultures can make them solve conflicts easier. Their independence and creativity are highly valued by companies. Equipped with the newfound strengths and knowledge, students can face the future with confidence. With the program, students are guaranteed to achieve their goals and reach success.