6 Modern Technologies in Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery

Better eyesight is one of the things that everyone wants to maintain. But, what if you are already suffering from vision problems? Is it a good advice to promptly seek for help from eye specialist?

Taking good care of your vision is essential. The sense of sight can help achieve a lot of tasks that you need to perform. If you think that there is something wrong in your eye, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to a reliable optometrist to assess your condition and guide you through the available options.

There are different treatment options depends on your eye problem. There are a traditional and modern ways to correct your vision. If you are interested in an eye laser surgery always keep up-to-date and check these modern technologies in LASIK surgery:

1. Conventional Ablations. The conventional correction is a curative formula that accurately calculates the refractive error needs to be treated. It is a straightforward and plain process that is based on the spectacle prescription of removing minimum tissues.

2. Excimer Lasers. This technology in Lasik surgery is invented in 1970 and is still using up to now with an automated eye tracking system. The excimer laser is an effective device use for correcting vision errors; it produces a cool beam of ultraviolet light that helps remove tissues correctly without cutting or burning the neighbouring tissue. The device targeted the specific vision error; it lets the ultraviolet light pass through the imperceptible amount of cornea and eliminates the affected tissue.

3. Wavefront Lasik. If you want a treatment that can bring back your 20/20 vision without the need of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, then you should ask your optometrist if you are a good candidate to undergo this procedure. Wavefront Lasik is one of the most recent technologies in Lasik surgery that provides a better vision for patients. This technology is also referred as Custom Lasik, it offers personalised treatments that are customizable to the individual patient’s exact need. It is also one of the most popular technologies because of the painless procedure and quick healing process.

4. Epi-Lasik. This Lasik surgery procedure does not involve cutting of any tissue. Alternatively, they are reshaping the cornea with the use of a special device. Epi-Lasik is a process that is a good substitute for patients who are not suitable for other Lasik surgery.

5. Visian ICL. It is like the Epi-Lasik that does not involve any removing of tissue. Visian ICL is an eye surgery where the permanent contact lens is placed into the patient’s eye. This is typically a surgery procedure that is a suitable treatment for those with thin corneas and severe nearsightedness.

6. Intralase FS150 Upgrade. This treatment is one of the advanced and modern forms of Lasik offering a more comfortable process. Intralase FS150 Upgrade is an eye surgery procedure which involves using Intralase femtosecond laser.

Know if you are a fit candidate for one of these Lasik surgeries and get the opportunity to bring back a better vision.

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