7 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking

There are people who can easily speak in public. They can openly say what they want to say and make other people. But, there are also people who can’t do it. There are many reasons why people are afraid to speak in front of many audiences. Maybe they are timid, shy, nervous, or just not comfortable talking to the majority. But, public speaking is part of your personal and professional life. That is why you need to conquer this fear.

Here are some ways on how you can overcome our Fear of Public Speaking:

  1. Know Yourself More – For you to be able to speak in front of many people, you must first know yourself. Gain confidence by accepting who you are. If you give importance to yourself, to your opinion, and to everything that is in our mind. It would be easier to speak up and let other people listen to what you say. Know yourself; know that you can do it.
  2. Focus on Your Speech, Not the Audience – The best way to deliver your speech to the majority of people listening is to focus on your material. Focus on what you are saying and always make sure that you are making a good stand. Don’t worry about the audience reactions and remember that people will react based on what they can comprehend. And their ability to understand your speech is not your control. So, always make sure to speak in the public in the best way you know.
  3. Defeat Your Fear of Rejection – Do not over think the reactions of your audience. Eliminate worrying if they will like the speech or not. Ignore the negative thoughts that they will not listen. Your audiences are in front of you for a reason, and that is to listen to what you are saying. Accept yourself and your speech, and your thoughts will be accepted.
  4. Prepare and Practice More Often – Practice makes perfect, and that is still true. You need to be prepared with everything you do and say. You can practice your speech in front of the mirror to see if you are delivering your material on the best way to express your ideas. Put yourself in the shoe of your audience, if you are going to sit in front of the stage, will you understand yourself? What reaction will you give to yourself? Speak as if you are speaking directly to someone.
  5. Record and Listen How You Speak – Another way to conquer your fear of speaking in public is to record your speech and listen to the way you speak to people. Did you deliver your thoughts properly? Can you understand the ideas of the speech? You can also record your speech and ask someone close to you like your friends or family to listen into it. Ask for their opinions and suggestion. It can definitely help you improve.
  6. Attend Public Speaking Classes – You can also attend public speaking classes. If you are already employed and needs to speak in every meeting that your company have. Then, try corporate training courses. These classes will help you boost your confidence and improve your communication skills. There are also public speaking classes for students who want to hone their public speaking abilities.
  7. Join Workshop About Public Speaking – If you are not interested in attending classes because of time constraint, you can join a workshop public speaking instead. Unlike in a speech class, a workshop will only be for a day or two.

If public speaking is not your thing, then you must do something to appreciate it because you will get across this one day.

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