Achieve an Appropriate Christian Funeral with These Tips

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Achieve an Appropriate Christian Funeral with These Tips


A vast majority of us do not like to talk about funerals or death, in general. But death is inevitable and at some point we are going to leave this world and would need a funeral. The good news is it would be easier for friends and loved ones if one’s funeral is properly and extensively planned.


For a Christian, a Christian funeral that meets Christian tradition is a must. Some requirements that need to be met to achieve the said funeral are elaborated below. Read on. 


Musical prelude

The immediate relatives of the deceased are supported by friends and family who congregate in the days before the funeral. During this period, it is customary to play calm music in the background. The songs are typically hymns or Christian tunes but can also include the deceased’s favourite secular or non-Christian songs. 


During the service, live music is played on an organ or piano. The practice of recording music is now commonplace in many communities. At the wake, which is the time before the Christian funeral, the space should be filled with music.


Bible readings

Grieving family members and loved ones often find comfort in the framework and meaning provided by Biblical readings at a funeral. They might find solace in funeral Bible verses and funeral prayers. That said, one or two passages from the Bible may be read by either friends, family members, or the minister. 


  • Some Christian funeral favorites are as follows:  
    • Psalm 23
    • Psalm 61:1-2
    • Isaiah 41:10-13
    • John 14:1-4


Congregational singing

Weaving one or two songs into the liturgy is common. They can be sung by the congregation, played from a recording, or performed by soloists. While hymns have always been a staple, praise and worship songs, especially in larger congregations, are also played nowadays. 


For those who are at a loss as to what music to play at the Christian funeral, it is best to consult with church or funeral home personnel.



Eulogies are speeches that are given by loved ones to honour the deceased. Their purpose is to recall and cherish the defining highlights as well as qualities of his or her life in such a way that is beneficial to the audience–and the family–in particular. It captures the essence of the life of the deceased. 



The sermon is a message of hope and comfort to the bereaved, and it is frequently drawn from one of the Biblical texts that have been read. As people are grieving and pondering about death and the hereafter, some Christian churches use the funeral as a chance to deliver a message of salvation.


Closing prayer

The closing prayer during a funeral is an opportunity to pray for God’s mercy and grace upon everyone present. The minister, a close family member, or a close friend may all offer this.


Last respects

It is customary for visitors of Christian funerals to pass the casket and family on their way out of the building. To avoid confusion regarding this matter, it is best to ask the minister for guidance on the procedure. 


Summing up

Each Christian denomination (Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.) has its own practices as well as traditions for Christian funeral services. And they are usually officiated by ordained ministers or members of the clergy of the denomination. Furthermore, family, friends, and loved ones play significant roles in the planning as well as presentation of the service. 


Those who attend a funeral in the Protestant faith tend to be more concerned with honouring the dead. In addition to assisting the deceased soul in its ascent to Heaven, a Christian funeral serves to console and strengthen the mourning community.

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