Advantages of a Concrete Pump for Urban Use

Concrete Pump Truck

When carrying out a construction project, there are a lot of essential things to consider. These include preparing a plan and design, ensuring that there is a sufficient fund to complete the project, and getting equipped with the right machines and tools. This type of project may seem simple, but the truth is it’s extremely complicated.  It is for this reason alone that you must use the most appropriate pumping system. And fortunately, there are concrete pumps that draw in all the benefits of simplifying the process and providing accuracy to the job.

Types of Concrete Pumps
Concrete pumps are highly efficient and accurate in transferring and pouring liquid concrete to the construction site. There are three types of concrete pumps, namely, boom pumps, line pumps, and specialised usage pumps.

Let us discuss the details of each type of concrete pump, so that you will be able to choose the one that suits best the construction project you may have.

Boom pump. It is primarily connected to the truck and works by a remote controlled robotic arm placed at the back of the truck. That is why it is also called as truck mounted pump. With this robotic arm, pumping of high volumes of liquid concrete in short amounts of time is possible. Hence, if you are engaged in a large scale construction project, this concrete pump truck is the best choice.

Line pump. While this pump is also mounted on the back of a truck, it does not use a large robotic arm. Instead, it uses steel or rubber hoses, which are attached to the machine’s outlet. It is the opposite of boom pump; hence, it is ideal for smaller volume pumping, such as, pavements, swimming pools, small homes concrete slabs, and sidewalks.

Specialised usage pump. This pump category is used only for specific construction sites like mines and tunnels. Having a specialised usaged pump enables workers to make use of the rail or skid mounting. This is, however, highly costly.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps
The use of concrete pumps is popular in the construction industry. This can be attributed to the remarkable benefits that it provides.

Concrete pouring speed is increased. Speed is crucial to making a construction project successful. When you choose concrete pumps, the pouring process becomes faster and simpler. Also, these pumps can be placed easily on trucks or trailer, which make them accessible to all areas of the site. Given this fact, you can definitely meet your deadlines and complete your goals without compromising the quality of the work.

Less labour force. Finding skilled and experienced labourers for construction projects can be daunting and challenging. It can even drain your energy and time. But when you use concrete pumps, the entire process of hiring or recruiting is eliminated. Likewise, you save energy, time, and money.

Higher accuracy is ensured.  We’ve known earlier the different types of concrete pumps. And whichever you choose, you are guaranteed of higher accuracy and quality in concrete pouring. These pumps are totally reliable as they can pour concrete to almost any area without leaving spills.

Concrete pumps offer a variety of benefits to construction site managers and companies. And these benefits cannot be ignored. Be sure to use concrete pumps in your next construction project.

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