Basic Guide to Rental Led Display

led screen rental

Renting an LED screen can be a daunting experience especially if you are going in blind. In particular, you might find it difficult to justify using it over a traditional projector. If you are one such person, this guide will help you navigate the ins and outs of LED screen rental and the perks it brings to the table.


Characteristics of LED Screens


The best way to get up to speed on what LED screens can provide is to break down the characteristics that define this great piece of technology.




For such large screens, it is natural to assume that they are quite hefty and heavy. However, on the contrary, LED screens are one of the lightest devices on the market. 


On average, each screen weighs a measly 7kgs. By being so lightweight, such screens are easily transported by a single person, making their installation a simple procedure.




As previously mentioned, LED screens are fairly light. The logical conclusion one would come to is that the metals used are flimsier and of lower quality, thus accounting for the low weight. That could not be further from the truth. 


Many of these LED screens comprises aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy by die-casting aluminum. For those unfamiliar with mechanical jargon, this metallic compound is renowned for its strength, toughness, and high precision.


This translates into sturdy screens that are difficult to deform and bend. Such durability means that fewer safety precautions are required during transportation, making it easy to transport.


Quick Installation


Need a display urgently within a short timeframe? LED screens can be easily set up because of their quick-locking mechanism located on the top, bottom, left, and right connections of the box body. 


One can expect a LED screen to be up and functional within 10 seconds without compromising on installation accuracy.


Benefits Of LED Screen Rentals


In addition to its great characteristics, there are many scenarios that make it a great alternative to other more traditional displays.


Attention Grabbing Display


Unlike traditional billboards that can appear drab under poor lighting, LED screens are able to attract a passerby’s attention through their vibrant colors and crispy clear resolution.


What this means is that viewers are more likely to stop and view its contents, allowing them to take in your message. In addition, mobile LED displays are more flexible with their placement, making it easier to place them in an area with higher foot traffic.


Mobile Operability


For creatives who would like to switch up advertising tactics often, LED screens provide just such an opportunity.


Instead of waiting for contractors to develop, print, and put up a new banner or billboard, you can easily send a new design to your LED rental company for a quick change. 


The Best Company For LED Screen Rental


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