Benefits of Playing Badminton as an Adult

badminton classes for adults

Badminton is not only a sport but a sport that exercises your entire body, body systems, and mind. As you serve and sprint around the badminton court, you activate your core, limbs, and brain. It necessitates rapid thought and action. A single badminton match that lasts more than an hour can burn up to 480 calories. If you play it every day for a month, you can lose roughly 4 kg. Hence, obesity is a major health issue among adults and badminton might just be your remedy. That alone should be enough to entice you to take up the sport! If you don’t know where to find badminton classes for adults, we may just know the place. Read on to find out!


Benefits of playing badminton as an adult


1. Total body workout

As we have already mentioned above, badminton is a total body workout sport. While you are running, diving, and lunging during each badminton session, you burn almost 450 to 480 calories an hour. The change in movement during playing badminton improves the cardio workout.


2. Opportunity to socialize

Due to a busy lifestyle, increased responsibilities, and work, many adults miss doing any physical activity leading to non-communicable diseases and stress. Badminton is a fun game to enjoy time off and catch up with friends. Badminton classes for adults in Singapore would be a great opportunity to meet new friends and build up long-term friendships while socializing. 


3. Improves mental wellbeing

Endorphins  (natural happy hormones) are released when we engage in any type of regular physical activity. As a result, depression, anxiety, and stress can be eased, and our overall mood and sleep are improved.  Badminton is a social sport since players converse with one another and play either in singles or doubles. This is especially useful for preventing loneliness among adults who are new to badminton.


4. Increased life expectancy

A Danish study found that playing badminton (a racket-based sport) can increase life expectancy by 6 years. Other sports such as football can increase life expectancy by four years and swimming, cycling and jogging can increase life expectancy by three years. 


5. Enhance mobility

When you age, your mobility gradually decreases. However, if you keep yourself active and practice a daily fitness routine, your joints are kept lubricated enhancing mobility. Badminton is a sport requiring running, jumping, and lunging. Due to this reason, badminton is proven to prevent the risk of arthritis and several other joint-related conditions. 


Badminton classes for adults in Singapore

Badminton is a sport loaded with numerous health and social benefits not just for children, but for adults as well. Now that you know some of the key advantages of playing badminton as an adult, you can consult badminton classes for adults at Optimum Badminton Academy. They provide badminton classes for adults including coaching services and more. Visit Optimum Badminton Academy to join a class today!

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