Bioresonance Allergy Treatment Effectiveness

Figuring out what triggers your allergies is the first step in effectively treating them.


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Allergies are triggered by many things. Sometimes people are allergic to foods, household cleaning chemicals, heavy metals, inhalants and even parasites. There are also times where Stress triggers allergies in some people.

Many people do not want to be forced to take medications for allergies. Their worry is that once the medication has been stopped, the allergies reoccur worse than before. More and more, there is a demand for natural treatments for many conditions, including allergies.

One type of therapy is part of integrative medicine. This type of treatment is conducted by using a bioresonance machine to change the electromagnetic frequency of the allergen in the body. This then eliminates the allergen from the body and stops the allergic reaction.

Bioresonance allergy treatment measures the electromagnetic waves and identifies which waves are abnormal. It then feeds back normal waves to correct the imbalance. There is not a lot of scientific evidence available that bioresonance is good indicator of allergies or other medical conditions. However, tests are being conducted by major universities and hospitals around the world.

At the time, it is a good idea to use the treatment along with more traditional types of treatments to reduce allergic reactions. While some people claim the treatment is effective, it is wise to have a back-up treatment until more research is done and the actual effectiveness is proven.

Also known as vibrational medicine or electro dermal testing, this is thought to be of use in cancer treatments, rheumatoid arthritis treatment and asthma as well. Studies are still being conducted to prove the effectiveness of the treatment for these conditions. For treatment of allergies, you want to go to several sessions of bioresonance allergy treatment so that any other issues like toxicity can be dealt with immediately.

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