Custom Apparels and the Different Types of Printing Techniques

Screen Printing

Custom printed apparel has been very popular and used by a lot of industries. It is one way of advertising and for other uses such as in campaigns, sports, giveaways, and a lot more. Modern technology makes the printing process even more convenient, reliable, and affordable. There are two popular methods in doing custom apparel printing that will suit your requirement for a customized apparel. First is screen printing and the other one is digital printing or direct to garment printing.

Read below to learn the information about these two apparel printing services and help you decide in choosing the right technique for your business or project.

Screen printing uses a screen in applying layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied one at a time using different screens. This is the perfect choice for projects that need high level of vibrancy especially when printing large and dark apparels.

Digital printing or direct to garment printing is where the design is processed by a computer and directly printed on the fabric of your apparel. There are levels of printing here depending on your requirement that would be determined by an artwork expert to ensure that the design and quality can be achieved.

So what apparel printing services would you go for? Here are some additional information that will make you decide at ease.

  • The size of the artwork as well as the apparel could be a good benchmark on what method of apparel printing to use. If you required a full front design, any of the two method is fine but screen printing can get an all-over print look perfect and nice in fabrics.
  • The type of fabric can also signal what apparel printing method to use. Screen printing is good in any fabric like cotton, nylon, polyester and any fabric you can think of. While digital printing do wonders on 100% cotton shirts, polyester and some light garments, screen printing would still be the better choice for any type of fabric and garment.
  • If your project needs to be as fine as it feels like nothing is printed there, then again, screen printing is the champ even on dark and thick apparel. This is because dark surfaces require under base to retain the colors which digital printing is not always good at. But if it’s white or light color, you can have it printed fine in digital way.
  • Since screen printing takes longer to produce fine printed apparels, you can opt for digital printing as an alternative if your project is due soon. But don’t expect it to be of high quality compare to what screen printing can produce. However, choosing screen printing is worth the wait as you can get the printed apparels in better colors, quality, and durability.

This printing industry especially screen printing on athletic apparel is one of the in demand businesses today. There will soon be more methods in apparel printing apart from the old school and digital, but the original way of printing using screens will always be the champ.

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