Different Types of Blasting Equipment in the Philippines

vacuum blasting equipment

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There’s a lot of developments in vacuum blasting equipment in order to speed up the work as well as keep workers and the environment safe. Most vacuum blasting machines nowadays provide closed-system blasting, which help make the entire operation dust-free. You can use this machine to clean a paint work and welds, decorate glass and automotive, remove floor coatings, and roughening of various surfaces as well as stones, marble, and granite.

In Philippines, using vacuum blasting equipment is not uncommon. In fact, the best vacuum blasting equipment is available in the Philippines.

There are different types of cleaning equipment and here listed some of the best types use by different companies.

1. Pressure-type Blast Equipment.

This cleaning method is considered the most productive. In here, the abrasive machine is in the same pressure as the entire system. The efficiency depends on the pressure which should be in the range of 6.3-7 bars.

2. Suction Blast Equipment.

As the term says, this equipment uses suction instead of pressure in obtaining abrasive from container. The efficiency level is said to be one-third lower than when using pressure in cleaning. This is ideal for touch-up cleaning or operations that don’t require speed cleaning.

3. Vacuum Blast Equipment.

Here, air and abrasive are captured in a closed-system that results to a dust-free abrasive cleaning. This won’t disturb the workers. The surface, however, is not visible so the efficiency is limited. There are two types, namely suction and pressure methods. In suction method, the abrasive is conveying from the abrasive tank to the blast head while the pressure method delivers the sand under pressure using a hose to the surface. In terms of efficiency and production, pressure method is the winner here.

There is also portable blast equipment available nowadays. This handy equipment is usually, dust-free.

On the other hand, here are some considerations in choosing the right blasting equipment for your project.

  • Choose the best one according to your own processing capacity.
  • Choose a quality product with competitive price. You can always compare prices and specifications online.
  • Choose the best vacuum blasting equipment with high sanding performance yet low processing cost.
  • Always choose the equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Choose the one that has good warranty and after sale service. Also consider low fault rate vacuum blasting equipment.
  • Lastly, choose what is safe to workers, to other machinery as well as to environment.

There several factors to consider in purchasing industrial equipment and what you mostly need are those high quality and can work for the longest time. It is wise to keep in mind or list the things that would matter in choosing the perfect blasting equipment so you won’t waste time and energy in looking for it.

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