Do travel insurance plans cover local cheap car rentals? travel insurance plans cover local cheap car rentals?

Are you planning to travel overseas?

As travel restrictions around the world ease up, you may be thinking of spending the upcoming holidays somewhere else. If you’re already decided, don’t forget to also plan for health and safety.

Aside from the threat of the virus, there are several things that can go wrong during travels abroad. If you’re planning for Singapore cheap car rental, for instance, you need to check if your insurance will cover it.

So, do travel insurance plans cover rental cars? Let’s talk more about that in this post.

  1. First things first, know your risks. Where are you traveling to? What are the common traveler complaints or negative experiences? Before you set out on a journey, it helps to find out potential issues on the road. Driving rules and policies may be different from what you’re used to. For undeveloped countries, the roads may not be concrete or paved yet. Accident rates may be slim, but still, there’s a chance they could happen. To save yourself from trouble, it helps to ensure that your travel insurance can assist you during these incidents.
  2. Study your coverage. Don’t wait until you need your insurance plan to study its coverage. Before your trip, find out what exactly you’re covered for. If you purchased a basic plan, chances are even cheap car rental in Singapore rates may not be included. See as well if you’ll receive compensation for damaged vehicles, injuries, liability to third parties, and car hire insurance excess. Rental excess will cover the excess amount you need to pay the car rental company for any damages. Some insurance policies include it while some offer it as an add-on.
  3. Rent a car from a reputable company. It’s common for car rental companies to offer insurance to their customers, especially for foreign travelers. For your peace of mind, go to a reputable car rental agency. Fly-by-night or unknown agencies may not fully meet local requirements, which can compromise your safety. A reputed cheap car rental Singapore will cover you against property damage, injuries, or even death. You’ll not be held accountable for theft or losses should the rental car get stolen. Even if your existing travel insurance has limited coverage, you won’t have to worry as the insurance offered by the car lease company is complete.
  4. Ask about car rental rescheduling fees. Find out if the car rental company charges clients for rescheduling. Sometimes, car rental companies offer free rescheduling due to unforeseen events. This can be very beneficial especially if you’re coming from abroad as several factors can cause your travel to be delayed or postponed. While you’re on it, also verify if they can replace the rental car for free due to technical issues or accidents.

So, do travel insurance cover car rental in Singapore? Not all.

But, you can verify before you leave and purchase it as an add-on. Be smart as well as to where you’re renting a car from.

Trusted car rental agencies in Singapore can help you reduce associated costs by offering customer-oriented services, such as free car replacements, and ensuring that all their units are covered by comprehensive insurance.


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