Building Blocks Of Learning

Education is one of the most precious gift parents could ever give their children. The most important years of learning are during child’s early years due to the rapid brain development; children are capable of absorbing more information. Preschool education is a developmental learning provided to children as preparation for statutory and obligatory education.

building blocks
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Preschool education is envisioned by the society to convey their important cultural values as set by every society. Although there are variations in cultural values, one of the most significant learning as expected universally is the personal development wherein the child will gain the ability of self-care such as dressing, tying shoelace, eating, etc.

There are many developmental tasks that are being covered by preschool education for social and emotional development and cognitive development such as the following:

– Communication
– Playing
– Teamwork
– Creative arts
– Scientific thinking
– Mathematical awareness
– Understanding the world.

That is why it is important to allow children to discover and explore freely for these will be the foundation for developmental learning.

The environment also plays an important role as it influences the development of cognitive skills and emotional skills. The environment should be conducive for learning. It is also necessary that preschool educators acknowledge, respect and value the uniqueness of each child, and support and enhance this uniqueness.

EtonHouse International Education Group delivers a composite curriculum approach Inquire-Think-Learn. This approach provides many opportunities with a variety of materials and resources for children to engage to extend and challenge their thinking because EtonHouse respects children as competent thinkers.

Preschool education is very vital as its learning development serves as building blocks for bight future. High quality preschool educations have a long term effect in improving the outcomes of a child. However in some cases preschool education can become detrimental to a child’s cognitive and social development.

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