Enjoy the City of Glamorous Colors: Interesting Things to Do in Kampong Glam

kampong glam park

Kampong Glam, also popularly known as The Arab Quater, is a fabulous area in Singapore with lots and lots of things going on. Packed with Middle Eastern, Indian and multicultural businesses, Kampong Glam park is a buzzing spot with a creative spirit. This is simply a world that is away from the hustle and bustle of busy Singapore. Kampong Glam is the city of colors that could bring your mind some relaxation from all your stress of work and busy lifestyle.


Kampong Glam is a place for all. You can discover street art, cafes, outdoor swings, cultural houses, shops, mosques, etc if you visit Kampong Glam. Hence, there are interesting things for everyone to do in Kampong Glam regardless of age, from kids to busy adults. 


Let’s take a quick look at what Kampong Glam has to offer the regular traveler whether you are in town for business or leisure.


Visit the Sultan Mosque

Whoever comes to Kampong Glam Park first visits the golden dome of the Sultan Mosque (referred to as Masjid Sultan by the Malay community). This mosque has a very long history that can be traced back to 1824 and is the city’s biggest mosque. When you enter the mosque, you will see the breathtaking view of the exterior and the interior structure while also witnessing the grand prayer hall that can accommodate up to 5000 people at once. 


Enjoy art at the Malay Heritage Center

The Malay Heritage Center is home to several permanent galleries. The art at the center covers elements of trade and traditional Muslim – Malay culture. Situated in the heart of Kampong Glam, this heritage center provides a range of learning experiences and cultural exposure for all visitors. You can attend batik workshops, learn about traditional Malay music, or even watch a puppetry performance at the Malay Heritage Center.


Shop at Haji lane and Arab street

It would be a waste if you don’t check out what Haji Lane and Arab Street have to offer when you are in Kampong Glam Park. From charming cafes to stunning murals, these two lanes provide everything. There are some astounding fabric stores on Arab Street while there is street graffiti and background color on Haji Lane. Then there are also vintage record shops and cozy restaurants for you to have a little relaxation in these busy shopping lanes. 


Eat at cafes and restaurants in Kampong Glam

Though Kampong Glam Park is traditionally associated with Middle Eastern cuisine, you can now find other restaurants as well. You can eat at Lebanese, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese, and even Egyptian restaurants here. Since most restaurants are halal, you will not get to enjoy a beer with your kebab, but you can smoke some shisha after dinner while enjoying the night view. 


Pay a visit to Sri Sivan Temple

This is one of the most unique Hindu temples in Singapore that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will see that the temple showcases a brilliant blend of Indian architecture. The temple was built by hiring Indian artisans who created the intricate carvings that you will see in the outer structure. It is interesting to note that the temple was moved to three different places before it found a home in Kampong Glam Park.


Visit One Kapong Glam to learn more about the things you can do in Kampong Glam Park. 

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