Exercise Your Heart Without Exercising

To have a stronger and healthier heart, you have to lead an active life. It’s never too late to start exercising, and you don’t have to be an athlete to do so.

exercise your heart

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Here are inexpensive and simple exercises that can be performed without professional help and can be done in any place. These can be done 15-30 minutes per day.

  • Walking

    It is the basic and common way to do cardiovascular exercise. Walking is to move on foot at a moderate speed in an alternate step of left foot and right foot towards a direction. It is a safe, low-impact exercise suitable for pregnant women, overweight persons, and the elderly.

  • Running

    It is to go in a faster pace by moving the legs rapidly. This cardiovascular exercise has greater advantage over walking because it burns kilojoules (amount of energy used up when we move and the amount of energy that can be found within food and drink) at a higher rate.

  • Jumping

    It is to rise quickly or take off on the ground with muscular effort of both feet and land on both feet.

  • Leaping

    It is to rise or take off on one foot and land on the other foot.

  • Hopping or Skipping

    It is to jump lightly or spring forward with alternate hops on each foot in a short bouncing way.

  • Swimming

    It is to be immersed and move limbs in a body of water (pool, sea, lake, river).

  • Jogging

    It is moving in slow steady gentle jolting pace, like running but in a slower rate and usually done in the outdoors.

  • Sprinting

    It is running at top speed in a short distance.

  • Cycling or Biking

    It is to use bicycles (can be exercise/stationary bike or traditional bike type) for exercise.

  • Stair Climb

    It is to do an up and down step on a staircase or any stable high flat surface.



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