Help Your Heart Stay Healthy

healthy heart
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Do you know someone who works 24 hours a day, seven times a week? Sounds tiring right? There’s no such thing, or is there? Well, our hearts work non-stop, pumping blood and oxygen throughout our body. Like working people, our hearts get tired too. It can also get sick. If unchecked, it can stop working and that’s a really bad thing. It is very important to protect our hearts because our life depends on it-literally. For it to keep working, we must do all that we can to keep it healthy. But the question now is, “How to have a healthy heart?” Here are some ways to help our heart stay healthy.

Keep Yourself Active

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Emory University School of Medicine in the USA said that if exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medication in the world. This is really true. We are constantly reminded by our doctors that exercise is a must. We see, read, and hear it all the time. Physical exercise helps our heart to stay healthy. But the truth is that for some, exercise can be boring, especially when done alone. But now, it can be more enjoyable and you don’t have to do it alone.

There are gyms and clubs that hold aerobics classes. If gym workout is too much for you, this is the best alternative. If you think exercising is boring, aerobics classes and cardio classes can make you think twice. Aerobics and cardio classes are becoming popular nowadays. These classes build cardiovascular endurance, in other words, keeps the heart strong and healthy. Any age group can join in these classes. You’ll have fun and stay healthy at the same time.

Aside from these, brisk walking, jogging and cycling can also help. All of these, from simple exercises to fun cardio classes, train the heart and make it strong which can prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Eat Well, Eat Right

Eat Right
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Part of having a healthy heart is eating properly. Eating “real” food is a thousand times better than “junk” food. Junk food — commercially prepackaged food, fast food, processed food — usually contains high amount of sugar, salt and fat, which contributes to heart diseases. Cutting down on these kind of food can go along way for our hearts.

We also need to eat right. Not too less, not too much. Obesity and malnourishment can pose many problems for the heart. It’s best for the heart to have self-control when eating to avoid being obese. But you shouldn’t forget to eat as well.

Avoiding soft drinks, alcohol and sweetened drinks can also help the heart. Instead, drink enough water, it’s safe and healthier.

Take care of your Body Needs

take care of your body
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Our body needs to sleep. During our sleep, the body is repaired, including our heart. It also strengthens our immune system that can shield us from different diseases, including stroke and heart diseases. Most adult usually need seven to eight hours of sleep while young people needs more.

Brushing our teeth regularly also promotes a healthy heart. According to a study conducted in Scotland, among those over 11,000 men and women tested, those who have poor oral hygiene had around 70% more chance of having cardiovascular disease. They also had more C reactive protein (can cause inflammation) and fibrinogen (plays important role in blood clotting of wounds, but can be a significant risk for cardiovascular diseases in elevated levels).

We also need our heart to be regularly checked by doctors. Early disease detection can be easier eliminated and less expensive. Besides, the doctors can also advise you what you need to do to make your heart healthier.

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. As it continuously works, we need to take measures to protect it. With regular exercise, proper diet and extra care for our body needs, we all can help our heart stay healthy.

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