How can you support your child to learn Chinese in primary school?

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How can you support your child to learn Chinese in primary school?

In this era of globalisation, learning and conversing in more than one language definitely has many benefits. This is especially true for a language such as Chinese, as it can open many doors for your child in the future. Who wouldn’t want this for their child? But how can you grasp your kid’s interest, and most importantly, what can you do to help them learn Chinese in primary school in Singapore? You have nothing to worry about. Ruixing Active Chinese Centre has put together a list of ways in which you can help encourage your child to learn Chinese in primary school.


Primary school Chinese tuition lessons


This is easily the most convenient and important step in motivating your child to learn the language quickly and effectively. You might wonder if self-study is not adequate. Well, one must not forget that Chinese isn’t the only subject in primary school and isn’t a simple subject either. Studying alone may take up much of your child’s time and may also lead to failure. This will discourage them and ultimately lead them to lag behind their peers. Why allow this to occur? Get your child to flourish at exams with the help of an excellent Chinese tuition centre. If time or location is restricting your child from achieving success, Ruixing has the perfect solution for you — online Chinese tuition classes. There are many benefits to attending a reliable Chinese tuition centre, like Ruixing — individual attention, revision sessions, flexible learning modes, and more!


How can you help?


Apart from attending a good Chinese tuition centre, there are a few ways in which you can motivate your child. Let us walk you through some of the most integral strategies that can be employed.


Expose your child to an immersive environment


Some young children may be afraid to speak up due to low confidence. Exposing them at an early age to a Chinese-speaking environment will help them become more familiar and make it more interesting for them while learning. This will also help allay any fears that may come with conversing in this complex language. Listening to others speak and engaging themselves in a conversation will go a long way in helping them to study Chinese. Watching enriching TV shows, reading good Chinese books, and singing Chinese songs are some enticing methods to pique their interest. If you have any difficulty with replicating this environment or methods for them, do not worry — an excellent Chinese tuition centre like Ruixing can help you with this.


Speak Chinese at home


Your home is one of the most comfortable places for a child, so why not take advantage of this? Try to speak with your child in Chinese as much as possible. More practice, more confidence!

You don’t have to speak Chinese 24 x7! Set aside some time to carry out this practice so that it doesn’t burden the child and you! Even if you aren’t proficient yourself, don’t worry. This is a great opportunity to brush up on the whole family’s language skills. What better way to bond as a family than learning a language together? If you need more help with learning Chinese, Ruixing offers Chinese tuition courses for adults too! Their lessons are flexible and can be tailored to fit any schedule. Do not miss this opportunity!


Be more involved


Young children can get distracted easily. This is why taking a more active interest in their studies is essential. Being aware of the difficulties they are facing and recognising their strengths and weaknesses will help you to be able to guide them in a proper manner. But don’t forget to compliment them on their successes; even small victories need to be acknowledged and commended. This will inspire and encourage them to perform even better.


The leading Chinese tuition centre in Singapore!


As a parent, being concerned and worried about your child’s academic performance is understandable. But what if you could hand over this huge responsibility to the hands of an expert? Well, yes, you can. Enrol your child in the best Chinese tuition centre in Singapore — Ruixing Active Chinese Centre! This institute takes great pride in helping all its students reach their highest potential. Contact them to get more information and take advantage of their flexible and meticulously created curriculums and study materials. Their committed and highly-qualified tutors will ensure that your child is provided with the attention they need. Why wait? Get in touch today!

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