How does explosion-proof lighting work?

Explosion-proof lighting

How Does Explosion-proof Lighting Work?


Companies that function in hazardous environments often use explosion-proof lighting to reduce the risk of explosions. Utilising explosion-proof LED lights enhances the safety of the workers. Explosion-proof lighting is essential for industries such as oil, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and mining. Workers are often exposed to hazardous locations while working in these sectors. Hazardous locations consist of combustible gasses, dust, and vapour that can cause explosions if they come into contact with sparks or even the heat generated inside the bulb. Explosion-proof lighting, therefore, has the ability to restrain sparks within and avert any external ignition.


What is Explosion-Proof Lighting?


Explosion-proof lighting is designed with the finest material to retain in hazardous locations. Its frame is made up of stainless steel or aluminium. It has a thicker glass lens to prevent sparks from escaping the enclosure in case of an explosion. Therefore, Explosion- proof LED lights reduce the risk of any external ignition that can occur in hazardous areas. 


What are the Benefits of Using Explosion-Proof Lighting?


As mentioned above, the major advantage of using explosion-proof lighting is that it takes explosions under control. Moreover, its design ensures that the explosion takes place only within the lighting fixture. It also prevents sparks from spreading out to the surroundings. In most countries, it is mandatory to use explosion-proof lighting instead of other lighting equipment as per hazard-safety requirements.   


Ensure the Safety of the Employees


The innovation of explosion-proof lighting is highly effective for the safety of the workers. Utilizing explosion-proof lighting lowers the rate of deaths and casualties that can be reported in case of an explosion. At present, explosion-proof lighting plays an integral role in the lives of workers who once experienced the risk of explosions in the workplace.


Long-Lasting and Energy Saving


Explosion-proof lighting is well-known for its durability. High-quality materials used in its design make it more durable. Therefore, Explosion-proof lighting fixtures can function and retain longer in volatile environments. 


In addition, explosion-proof lighting saves energy more than traditional lighting equipment. It has an energy capacity to function for about 50 000 hours at the original level of illumination. And further it can function for about 100 000 hours in spite of it being continuously used. Thus, explosion-proof lighting lasts longer and saves energy under harsher working environments.


Eco-Friendly and Low-Cost


The advanced heat control system inside the explosion-proof lighting equipment reduces the emission of heat waves to the environment. Explosion-proof lighting fixtures do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead that harm the environment. 


As previously stated, explosion-proof lighting equipment is designed with excellent material to function in adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, these explosion-proof lighting fixtures hardly get damaged or malfunction during work. This cuts the cost allocated for regular breakdowns and maintenance of the device. 


Where to find the best Explosion-proof Lighting in Singapore?

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