How the Facial Recognition Technology Works the Facial Recognition Technology Works

Want to up the ante of your security system? If so, then it may be best to consider the facial access control technology. With its share of benefits, you will have more guarantee when it comes to ensuring the security of your premises. With this type of technology, you will have better control on who goes in and out of your property. When used with your CCTV security camera, there’s no question that perpetrators may even think twice before trying to sneak into your premises.

Know more about facial access control and how it exactly works today:
What is Facial Recognition Technology?
This type of technology works by starting with a video source, such as a CCTV security camera. Based from the camera’s digital
input, a person may already be identified even before he or she gets inside a building. This definitely adds more security in
your building, aside from having your security personnel verify the authentication of a person’s ID in reference to his or her
facial features.

Step 1: Facial Data is Stored in System
A facial access control system can work based on your security needs. For instance, you may want to use this technology
particularly when you have employees or staff members visiting you from different parts of the world. If you have a selected
set of personnel who are allowed to access your specific premises, then their facial data will be stored into your system. A
biometrics system will be taking a person’s “faceprint” and his or her distinguishing features will then be stored in your

Step 2: Verification and Matching
Every person, will definitely have a unique set of facial features. For instance, their eyes, shape of eyebrows, nose and other
facial patterns will have been saved in a significant entity’s system. As soon as a person’s facial features get captured via the
CCTV camera, necessary patterns will then be identified and matched to check whether their facial patterns or faceprints are
recognizable in the system. If so, then they can be allowed to enter a company’s specific premises.

Step 3: A Constant Process of Verification
If you plan to have this type of system in your various offices or headquarters, then the sharing of data will also be required.
Once your employees’ faceprints have already been stored in the database, then it should even be more convenient for you to
have a constant process of verification or matching wherever they go.

Your Choice of Supplier
In Singapore, you’d probably be able to see a couple of providers which can bring facial recognition solutions to your business.
However at the end of the day, what matters is for you to count on a supplier which has over a decade’s worth of experience.
For instance, those who have over 15 years of experience will have the expertise to advise which technology suits your best. It
wouldn’t certainly hurt for some of them to include an Attendance Management Software so it can be easily integrated with
your set up.

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