How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

image source: Julia Marshall via Compfight cc

If you live in a small house or condominium and you think that you do not need an interior designer in Singapore, think again. Interior designers are not only hired for big rooms or houses but also for a small space. You will see how much interior design can do for a small room. Just the furniture, design, styling and arrangement of a small space can make it look bigger.

You do not need a pro to be able to do this. You can simply learn from the pros and do it all by yourself. Here are some tricks and techniques that pros use in terms of a small space:

1)      Avoid clutter.
One of the tricks that you should know when you have a small room is to make it look like there is still so much room to fill. How will you do this? Avoid clutter and small trinkets. This will only make your room look clogged. So get a basket or a box now and let your room breathe.

2)      Let the sun come in.
Another trick that pros use to make a small space look bigger is to keep the windows open. Do not use big window treatments, blinds or shades. To make your small room appear bigger, use light fabrics or curtains. Choose one that will compliment the style and color of your room.

3)      Stick to one color.
Remember that you live in a small space. This means that you do not have enough privilege to use a lot of colors especially when it comes to paint. When you live in a small house, you would want the color to be continuous so it would look bigger. Do not try to have a different color of paint in your living room, kitchen and bedroom. Choose one color that will compliment every room in your house.

These are some tricks of the pros that you can use. The most famous trick is using a large mirror and mount it in your wall. This will make any room appear larger than life. Remember that a small room can be look like a bigger room if you only know the proper techniques.

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