How to Select the Best Shelving for Freezer Rooms?

Shelving for Freezer Room

If you have ever owned or managed a freezer warehouse, you know that freezers present their own set of storage challenges. When dealing with cold temperatures and limited space, including a shelving or racking system that can withstand harsh conditions and maximise floor space becomes crucial for proper storage. By selecting the ideal shelving, you can save on time, labour, and money. Let us walk you through the process of selecting the best shelving for freezer rooms and where to find them in Singapore. 



The use of shelving for freezer rooms provides a logistical solution for preserving the properties of perishable goods such as food and medicine. They allow for controlled temperature storage while also optimising warehouse space. As a result, they not only increase storage capacity but also reduce energy waste by evenly distributing cold air among the pallets.


There are several reasons why Freezer Room Shelving is a popular choice. Here are some of the most common ones.


Prevents cross-contamination and creates order

Maintaining a well-organised warehouse is vital for the operations of any business.


In the case of food storage, keeping different products on separate shelves in a freezer reduces the danger of contamination. Therefore, situations such as incurring losses due to spoiled items or needing to recall stock containing potential toxins are less likely to occur.


As for other products, freezer room shelving is essential to keep their inventories in check. It allows you to keep track of inventory and determine the best-selling products, which can be helpful in your future investments.


Easy to build and adjustable

Shelving for freezer rooms is easy to build and can sometimes be converted into mobile units. While transferring products between shelves takes time, moving mobile units stocked with items is far more efficient. In circumstances of unexpected change, these portable units make the adaptation process easy.


These shelves are also generally height-adjustable for easier access. It lowers the risk of workplace injuries by removing the need for workers to struggle or use dangerous ladders to reach objects during work hours.


Cleaning is simple

The construction materials of the shelves are of utmost importance as they must be easy to clean and maintain. It allows you to deal with any suspected spills or germs swiftly. Fortunately, these shelving units are typically made with polypropylene and stainless steel. Hence, with a quick and easy cleanup, you can keep your freezer room free of bacteria and vermin.



When designing a freezer warehouse, it is necessary to find the most suitable racking system that,

  • Increases storage capacity.
  • Simplifies access to goods.
  • Reduces the presence of workers in the area.
  • Facilitates strict control over the items stored.


Therefore, consider the factors below before deciding on a racking system.

  • Number of items to be stored
  • Capacity or size of the warehouse
  • Space required for the cold generators
  • Product inflows and outflows
  • Product seasonality
  • Water drainage system and pavement slopes




 Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking is a type of shelving for freezer rooms that stores full pallets in single-deep rows and up numerous levels. It is the preferred storage option for low-volume and high-SKU inventory. They support FIFO inventory rotation with single-aisle access for pallet modification and consolidate aisle space when built in back-to-back rows.


Its ability to provide access to every pallet from the aisle makes them a favourite among warehouse managers in many industries. The reason is that it allows their employees to complete tasks quickly, which is a vital option when working in a freezing environment. They are also popular due to their versatility, durability, and affordability.


 Pallet Flow Racking System

The pallet flow racking system is designed tightly by packing numerous pallets in a small space. These pallets can be easily moved from the load side to the pick aisle using wheeled or roller rails installed in flow lanes. They reduce the associated labour and equipment costs as well as travel time. It has a FIFO inventory flow and works best for inventories with a limited number of high-volume SKUs.


 Drive-In Racking System

With a high storage density, drive-in pallet racking is an ideal solution for storing a large number of the same or limited SKUs. This racking system is well known for its distinctive storage lanes, which have horizontal rails that run the entire depth of the rack. It is a deep, compact design with single-aisle access that facilitates a LIFO storage system.


Push-Back Racking System

The push-back racking uses a cart and rail system for quick and simple inventory retrieval. Due to its proximity to walls and other racks, this shelving for freezer rooms is only accessible from one side. Ideal for LIFO workflows, this system will save your floor space and reduce the damage inflicted upon the racks in operations.



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