How Your Business Benefits from Industrial Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are the first things that come to mind when thinking about toxic or combustible gas detection and oxygen deficiency monitoring. They are used in workplaces where gas hazards may occur to identify threats and help prevent accidents.

More and more businesses have been increasingly using fixed and portable industrial gas detectors over the past several years. And there are no signs of stopping. Its benefits are endless, and your business should not miss them.

1. Safety

Industrial gas detectors are used to ensure the safety of your personnel. They identify and alert the potential danger of poisoning due to toxic gas exposure, an explosion from combustible gases, or asphyxiation caused by lack of oxygen. Most detectors have built-in alarms to timely notify people of such dangerous situations. Once the detectors’ alarm sounds, the ventilation fan will turn on and the valves will shut off; thus, giving your personnel sufficient time to evacuate.

Moreover, having a portable multi gas detector or single gas detector can help identify any leak or exposure; thus, you can handle it early before the situation gets worse. The faster you can control the situation, the better.

A single gas detector is used to monitor one gas – it could be Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, Hydrogen, or Sulfur Dioxide. It is compact and lightweight. On the other hand, a portable multi-gas detector is used to simultaneously detect the same gases as a single monitor.

2. 24/7 Monitoring

Gas detectors provide constant and continuous protection, no matter how small or big the confined space is. Fixed gas detectors, for instance, provide 24/7 continuous detection of the environment or workplace. They are permanently installed in a particular situation and work similarly with fire and smoke alarms. They are commonly used in boiler rooms, gas storage & bottling areas, laboratories, plant rooms, process areas, and test facilities.

On the other hand, while portable industrial gas detectors do not provide 24/7 monitoring, they can monitor areas where it is impractical to install a fixed system and provide a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Plus, they can be easily deployed and ideal to use for delivering bulk CO2, dry ice blasting, gas shrouding applications, and more. They likewise give personal protection to personnel in the beverage industry.

3. Accuracy

Fast and accurate information sharing in emergencies is one of the main benefits of using gas detectors. Many portable gas detectors can be connected with Bluetooth. This key feature allows communication with smartphones and provides rapid & accurate notification of emergencies. You will get instant alerts and notifications whenever a gas leak detector goes into alarm.

With such accurate information, you can minimize the risks to your personnel’s safety and reduce any related costs.


Industrial gas detectors can save lives. If your business has gas detectors, you are assured of the excellent benefits they provide. So, be sure to properly and regularly maintain them. If your business facility or workplace doesn’t have gas detectors yet, invest now – it will be worth it.

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