Important Maintenance Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

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In places where it is hot and humid all day long, having a working air conditioner is definitely a great thing. It helps people in bearing the scorching summer heat by cooling the surroundings and/or the room. Indeed, you can say that it is one of the greatest inventions of men.

Aside from offices, shops and cars, air conditioners are typically seen in most houses too. And with the abundance of many different brands of air conditioners in the market today, it can’t be too difficult to discern why this is the case. Moreover, the affordability of most brands and models as well as the numerous benefits that this device gives to people makes it a must-have item.

Once you completed the purchase of the air conditioner and have it installed in your house, it is extremely important that you know the proper maintenance for it to prolong its life. There are air cond repair service providers, but wouldn’t it be much better to maintain this electrical home appliance before something goes wrong with it?

If you want your air conditioning unit to continue running smoothly, then here are some maintenance tips for you.

  1. Shut off the power by unplugging the air conditioner. It is vital that you do this every single time, especially when no one is at home and using the air conditioning unit. Not only does it help in reducing the electricity use, but it lessens the risk of electrical mishaps too.
  2. Remove the filter of the unit and clean out any dirt or debris. Aside from unplugging the unit, it is important to remove dirt and debris in the air filter of the air conditioner too. The filter is an essential part of your air conditioning unit, and it needs to be cleaned and reused or replaced especially when it’s past its prime. You can consult your air cond repair service provider if the filter can be cleaned and reused or if it needs to be replaced.
  3. Inspect the coils and clean it as well. Ensuring that the air filter is cleaned or replaced on a relatively frequent basis, it is not enough as you also need to check the evaporator and condenser coils. Inspect for any dust and debris and clean them at least once a year or depending on the maintenance tips written in the instruction manual. You can use a cleaning agent to clean it and let it air-dry.
  4. Inspect the coil fins. In addition to the air filter and evaporator and condenser coils, it is important to inspect the coil fins as well. Because they are easily bent, it can have an impact to the overall performance of the air conditioning unit. Care for the coil fins by using a fin comb.

These are the top maintenance tips that could help a homeowner like you to take care of your air conditioner. In case the idea of opening your air conditioning unit doesn’t sit well with you, you may opt for the services of an air cond repair company. Most offer maintenance services for numerous electrical home appliances such as air conditioners. Make sure though that you choose a reputable company to do maintenance on your air conditioning unit.

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