Laser Hair Removal Fallacies & Facts

Laser hair removal is an art as well as science. Fast becoming a very popular procedure taking part of women’s and even men’s beauty regimen routine, it can help boost ones self-image. However, there are many misbeliefs which may affect your decision to proceed with your treatment.

laser hair removal

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Here, I have outlined some of the common fallacies and truths in the field of laser hair removal.


  • All laser hair removal is the same and equal
  • People with dark skin cannot undergo laser hair removal
  • Laser provides permanent hair removal
  • Hair laser treatment is very painful
  • Laser hair removal costs more compared to waxing
  • One treatment is enough
  • Apply moisturizer following each treatment


  • Laser hair removal done in a beauty salon is different from laser hair removal done in a medical facility
  • Dark skinned people can undergo laser hair removal
  • Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction not permanent hair removal
  • Pain experience depends on the person’s tolerance, the treated area, and hair texture
  • It actually allows you to save more money in the long run
  • It requires numbers of treatment depending on an individual’s needs
  • Moisturizer doesn’t help soothe the treated area instead it blocks the pores

This is a procedure that requires expertise to avoid any untoward effect. Some patients attending laser hair removal may have an underlying medical condition that needs to be evaluated carefully. Appropriate screening should be performed to correctly check and diagnose if there’s any medical condition to be consider prior to performing the procedure. – See more at:

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