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The world is becoming more and more depressing, and life is just full of stress. Sometimes we feel so burned out that we want to escape and just leave everything behind. However, running away from life and all the stress that comes with it is not as easy as weContinue Reading

Much has been said about halal food. But what is it really? If you have Muslim friends as well as acquaintances and you want to make sure that they are respected at all cost, then it’s best to be acquainted with them. To add, lately, there have been a lotContinue Reading

Although it’s becoming increasingly popular, the supply of Japanese Whisky is still limited. Suntory’s Hibiki, Hakashu, and the Yamazaki are great places to start if you’re looking to get into the world of Japanese whisky. The best place to find them is most likely online. Here are some Japanese whiskeyContinue Reading