Co-living spaces offer a ton of benefits, and the most interesting one may be the reduced cost of living expenses.  Whether you’re a traveler or an entrepreneur, chances are you want a place that works with both your needs and budget. Every potential hotel guest has unique requirements. So, willContinue Reading

Travelling solo or with your partner is very different from travelling with the whole family especially with kids. You have to consider the budget, the destination, the comfort of your children, and how to keep them entertained while travelling. So, to make it easier for you, here are some ofContinue Reading

So you’re off on holiday to Phuket, Thailand. It is a paradise of art and culture and home to white sand beaches. Once you’re there, you will be amazed with its turquoise waters, calming view, and soothing serene vibe. It was even the location of the movie, “The Beach”, whichContinue Reading

So you want to have a memorable summer vacation or spring break but don’t want to fly? A hotel staycation might be right for you. Staycations are getting popular nowadays. This latest trend can be attributed to the convenience it brings. There’s no need to travel far or go outContinue Reading