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Dust is in inevitable in one’s home. Blinds are often the recipients of this allergy-causing home nuisance. Admit it, this is one chore most likely you don’t prioritise. Our window blinds are important as these give shade and are also vital in setting the mood in your home. Dust attracts dirt, which leads to discoloration.
Motorised blinds are quite an investment, so you should be able to know how to clean it properly. Putting effort in cleaning it will always make it look new and also helps in its durability.

Here are some cleaning tips for your motorised blinds and curtains:

Like Manual blinds, it is totally okay to clean your motorised blinds by dusting and vacuuming .When dusting, it is highly recommended to use a lamb’s wool duster rather than a regular plastic one. It is more flexible and has a smoother surface ideal for to trap dust easily.

The use of a rubber sponge is better for soil cleaning because there is no need to soak it in water. Since we are avoiding getting the electronic mechanisms wet, this sponge (also called dry sponge in your local hardware store) works well with fabric and vinyl blinds.

Since these blinds are motorised, for it to last longer you do not only clean it but also take care of its mechanics. Customise your blinds to a particular setup, so you don’t need to make adjustments all the time. Maximise your connection with the blinds technicians. Perhaps, you can have a quarterly check to see if it is in its top condition.

This advanced method involves the use of high frequency sound waves, 18 Khz, which means it is above the normal human hearing. It is a powerful method that can penetrate and kill tough contaminants due to dirt, but gentle enough not to damage the surface of your blinds.

This is an increasingly popular method of cleaning because it thoroughly cleans the whole blinds and make sure it is disinfected. For motorised blinds, they carefully take out the blinds from their mechanism. Most companies that offer this method are now equipped with a mobile van, so that they can diagnose immediately what needs to be done or even clean it on the spot. This procedure doesn’t take long, an hour more or less.
In the end, it would be a good practice to dust your blinds more often.

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