While technology continues to evolve, marketers discover ways in promoting their businesses fueling the growth of many companies. One of which is called ‘Database Marketing”. This article will help you to understand what database marketing is in the simplest way as possible. Database Marketing defined. It is a form ofContinue Reading

Most, if not all physicians agree that exercise is a vital part of a person’s well being. Exercising is just as important as eating or sleeping. Many, however, have neglected to integrate this crucial activity to their daily lifestyles. Once started. here are some tips to keep you going andContinue Reading

SingTel, a well known mobile and global satellite communication company, introduces its fully integrated, technology-based satellite phone, Iridium Extreme. The satellite phone caters the needs of businesses and individuals for more reliable satellite communication device that could offer optimized global satellite coverage. Iridium Extreme gives a two-way global coverage acrossContinue Reading