Preschool: The Most Important Stage of Schooling

pre school
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In our first few years as an infant, our brain and our senses are developing much faster. This development will continue as we are slowly being exposed to new surroundings. As we grow up, we easily understand what is happening around us. Children, especially toddlers, will need sufficient attention and hands-on guidance to help their brain develop in a healthier and smarter environment. In the following years, kids will need more attention, will become more curious and eager to learn about new things around them. Their curiosity, fuelled by the rapid brain development, can be a tall order for most parents, especially if both are working. This is rather a crucial stage for toddlers that needs proper guidance that will support not just their developing minds, but also their ability to socialise and further the development of communication skills. This stage will be beneficial for them to explore more and a good opportunity by encouraging them to try new things, and to slowly introduce them to values which they can easily understand so they can recognise and acknowledge what they may be doing if its right or wrong. While being exposed to new things, talent can be easily distinguished in growing kids. At this stage, they will develop exceptional talents and creativity. With proper approach and teaching method, this will bring a much better, fun and engaging learning experience for our little treasures.

Kindergarten, a part of the preschool program, is not just a fun place to go to where kids and play among our friends. Preschools provide the much needed attention for growing toddlers in addition to what they are getting from our home. This is also be the place for kids to develop their social skills and emotional intelligence by introducing them to different activities and materials essential for learning. Children ages of three to seven are admitted before they start entering compulsory education at primary school. Preschools may be owned by private owners or by the government, so the cost may vary depending on the situation and quality of education. In different countries, preschool educations tend to be focused on teaching cultural values and its importance. But aside from differences in culture there are lots of similarities in the ways of teaching the child especially how to perform basic tasks associated with proper hygiene, dressing and feeding.

In the past, school was limited to children who already know how to read and write. In France, during the late 17th century, the first few preschools were established as a way to educate and take care of young children while parents being absent during their work hours. In Britain, at the turn of the 18th century, the first formal preschool was established to promote learning of basic mathematics, reading, writing and good moral conduct, which resulted as a great success. Later on, this form of education for pre-school children made its way to London. Hundreds of nursery schools were that promote learning and became the model for other schools throughout England. They also incorporated playing as an important element for building social skills, thus the invention of playgrounds inside the premises of the schools. In 1823 books written by Samuel Wilderspin entitled “On the Importance of Educating the Infant Poor” and books about “The Infant System”, became the renowned system of education for young children with ages one to seven.

Children, especially between the ages three to seven, have the capability to absorb more information than later on. Preschool education leaves a long lasting effect for further development. It teaches personal and interpersonal skills, as well as scientific and mathematical skills. Creativity, world knowledge, teamwork and physical education as to go with playing are also taught. These areas of preschool learning will become the very foundation of further cognitive and social development of children. Therefore it is strongly recommended for parents to send their children to preschool for learning and engaging with different activities that can enhance talents.

More importantly, character and behaviour play a huge role as children grow. They are deeply observed by teachers so they can tell the parents how their children behave among others. Therefore, monitoring these kids’ traits may help strengthen the moral values and prevent trouble coping with others. Like many others, an international kindergarten in Hong Kong, has been preparing young children for primary school not just academically, but emotionally and socially.

So if you are new to parenting, don’t be afraid to expose your children and let them explore and learn from new things in preschool. This will be their first step to a much larger world. After all, this can be really exciting and wonderful experience for you and your family. Go ahead and look for preschools that offer a great quality of education so they can get more out of it.

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