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responsive website design

With the ever changing technology that has become a part of our everyday life, it is now imperative to consider the wide range of devices that will enable the users to access internet using different devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile, ipad, tablet, etc. Subsequently, website’s flexibility is the key to success in online marketing businesses. Responsive web design is a different approach of web design as we know it today.

Responsive web design is an approach creating websites that are intended to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation. Its design is to create a flexible layout that dynamically fits into the screen of every device with different resolution, from browser supported smartphones to retina displays, and etc. This technique enables web developers to create one version of the website that will fit all devices. However, the question is…Is responsive web design SEO friendly?
Web design is one of the most important key factors that do not only affect the users’ experience, but the search engine as well. Developing quality content is indeed an important factor for search engine, but it’s not the only factor that needs to be considered in developing strategy for website optimisation. Displaying the content properly and having a solid grading and easy navigation are also important for effective website visibility.

Many people deceptively believe that SEO friendly web design is only a conventional non-sense border in order to manipulate the search engines. Search Engine Optimization implementation of a set of search engine standards actually targets the best possible user experience. Since responsive web design also aims on delivering better experience to all the users which is really valuable, a good web design with a well written content and a solid SEO campaign can coincide within the same website for a better and more effective website’s functionality and crawl-ability.

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