SingTel Iridium Extreme, A Satellite Phone with Integrated Features and Accessories for Optimum Global Satellite Communication Coverage

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SingTel, a well known mobile and global satellite communication company, introduces its fully integrated, technology-based satellite phone, Iridium Extreme. The satellite phone caters the needs of businesses and individuals for more reliable satellite communication device that could offer optimized global satellite coverage.

Iridium Extreme gives a two-way global coverage across ocean, including airways and Polar Regions. It provides a Polar Region Real mobility that keeps users stay connected even if they are on the move. The satellite phone has unique and special features, making it an ideal tool to use for global communication. It provides a reliable and real time communication services that can be customized virtually to cater users’ industry specifications.

Iridium Extreme is a very compact handset added with unique accessories. It is the only satellite phone that is fully integrated with programmable emergency notification and customizable GPS online tracking system. The satellite phone is fully engineered with programmable, one-touch emergency button. It has the ability to create Wi-Fi hotspot that enables users connects with the World Wide Web with the additional use of Iridium Axcess Point.

SingTel prides itself for providing a satellite phone that can support customers’ toughest and highest usage of satellite phone communications in harsh conditions anywhere they are. Iridium Extreme allow users, family, friends and employers visually track phone locations through coordinate sharing with its Google Mapping Support feature. It is the very first satellite phone equipped with military-grade durability and Ingress Protection rating of IP65. The device is made with dust proof, jet-water and shock resistant materials making it ideal for longer lasting use. The unit includes wind-resistant microphone and speakerphone.

SingTel new Iridium 9555 satellite phone is very powerful considering its additional features and accessories. The device is a sleek handset and is very portable. Its enhanced features including improved email messaging and SMS capabilities, integrated speakerphone and upgraded min-USB port that makes it a very ideal satellite phone to use for global communication.

SingTel continues to provide quality services to cater precise business communication needs, including voice and data solutions over internet, wireless and fixed platforms together with info communication technology, satellite and pay TV services. They offer seamless global connectivity to banking, energy, government, telco and broadcasting industries.


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