The Benefits of Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a common procedure and countless females have it for a wide array of reasons. If you are contemplating having an abortion, remember that you are not alone. Studies suggest that about 4 out of 10 of females make a decision to get an abortion. Some for health or safety reasons, unplanned pregnancies, sexual assault, and so on. 


   Regardless of your reason, it is safe to say that having an abortion is a good move that carries with it a number of benefits. Some of the most notable ones are elaborated below.


     1.) Medical abortion has lower infection and complication rates

   For women who are forced to carry a fetus to their term, the risk of infection and/other health complications in pregnancy is higher compared to those in medical abortions. Chorioamnionitis, for instance, takes place in about 2-4% of full-term births and it is just one kind of bacterial infection that may develop during pregnancy. There are also viral infections that can cause severe short-term and long-term effects, that if left untreated, may even cause death. 


   Also, there are other bacterial infections that can carry a number of pregnancy complications that may lead to preterm birth and even death. According to the ​​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fewer than 0.05% of women who undergo abortions experience any type of severe complications that require hospital care. This, compared to 1.6% of women who experience serious complications during delivery. 


     2.) More patients die from childbirth compared to abortion

   According to studies, the risk of death from childbirth is about 11 times higher compared to the risk of death from medical abortion prior to 20 weeks of gestation. In fact, in the US, about 800 women die each year from childbirth-related conditions and the number continues to rise. Meanwhile, in 2011, only two women died from medically induced abortions, again in the US. Bear in mind that this is the most recent year wherein such data is available. 


     3.) Pregnancy and childbirth comes with more short-term as well as long-term physical and mental risks

     Pregnancy as well as childbirth confer a number of risks and/or health problems. Both short-term and long-term. Studies show that about 87% to 94% of women report back pain, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, frequent urination, anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, migraines, acne, dizziness, hot flashes, and so on. In line with this, those who need a cesarean section are at risk of encountering adhesions, bladder injury, placenta issues, intestinal obstruction, etc., in the future. 


     With regard to mental health, risks are higher with pregnancy and delivery. The risks of postpartum depression is at 10%, but at times, it can be as high as 30%. Similar statistics do not exist among those who choose the termination of pregnancy route. 


Summing up

     Regardless of your choice, it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with your decision if you choose to have a medical abortion at a legitimate Singapore abortion clinic. Just make sure to compare entities beforehand so as to make sure that the health professional who is going to perform the procedure is backed by a long history of safety, efficacy, and everything in between. 


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