Things to Look For in Your Particle Counter

Particle counter

You need a particle counter to measure particles in a particular environment. Before investing in a particle counter you must be aware of what things to look for in a particle counter.


Battery Durability

Whether you use a liquid particle counter or a hydraulic particle counter, you need a durable device to avoid any disruption in the middle of some serious procedure. On the other hand, when you have to change the battery quite often it will also be a nuisance. So a particle counter with a long-lasting battery is essential. This is the first thing to look for in the particle counter.


Particle Counter Needs to be Clean

Particle counters are generally made of stainless steel. The stainless steel is a shield against water invasion. Particle counters are required for cleanrooms on various grounds to specify the following:

  • Source investigation
  • Testing air filter
  • Air quality compliance
  • Overall manufacturing quality control

The primary objective of a cleanroom is maintaining cleanliness. So it is essential that the particle counter is made of easily cleanable materials. Specifically, the material must not have the slightest pore gathering particles.


Size Matters

Particle countermeasures even the smallest particle. So the small particle counters make it easy to measure the particles. On the other hand, a smaller particle counter is convenient in terms of portability.


Real-Time Monitoring Technology

Real-time monitoring technology will be the ideal choice if you are particular about the accurate interpretation. In the long run, the money spent on real-time monitoring technology is really worth it. Real-time monitoring ensures zero-error delivery of regularly updated information. Whether it is a liquid particle counter, hydraulic particle counter or any other particle counter, check if you have access to real-time monitoring technology.


Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanning is another method to look for in a liquid particle counter or a hydraulic particle counter to improve the cleanroom contamination strategy. The barcode is ideal on several grounds:

  • It saves time.
  • It saves resources
  • It lessens human error.
  • It avoids yield loss




Self-diagnostics is another method to reduce human hours spent on maintaining the cleanroom. Self-diagnostics is a tool that notifies when the sensor detects an irregularity before things will get worse. You can go ahead with the captured data without the slightest worry. The self-diagnostics will detect it immediately if a sensor does not sample properly.


Wireless Connection

For the sake of convenience, wireless is becoming the new normal for portability. If possible, look for the wireless option so you don’t have to worry about wires and cords that need to be carried with the particle counter. Besides, a wireless particle counter is a sophisticated convenience added to the cleanroom.


Compatibility with Your Existing System

When you buy a liquid particle counter or a hydraulic particle counter, you need to be mindful of its compatibility with your existing system. Perhaps the system you run at the moment will not be compatible with the device. In such instances, explore a software solution. Also, check if your existing system needs any repair and other maintenance. This is an essential requirement in order to avoid discrepancies in the data collection.


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