Tips and Helpful Advice on Choosing a Co-Living Hotel

Co-living spaces offer a ton of benefits, and the most interesting one may be the reduced cost of living expenses. 

Whether you’re a traveler or an entrepreneur, chances are you want a place that works with both your needs and budget. Every potential hotel guest has unique requirements. So, will staying in a co-living hotel work? The only way to find out is to try it yourself.

Here are some tips to help you choose an affordable co-living hotel.

Look into their required rental period. Co-living hotels usually have a minimum and maximum stay period. If you prefer to stay in a single place for your entire visit, ask about their rules on extended stays. On the other hand, if you tend to switch accommodations often during your travel, then look out for hotels that offer short duration stays. Did you know you can stay in a co-living hotel in as little as 4-9 hours? 

Think about your purpose. See if the co-living space matches your purpose for travel and if you feel you’d fit in. If you’re in a location for business, then you’ll need a temporary home that is conducive to work. This means having a quiet space where you can work comfortably or getting the chance to network with a like-minded community. If you’re a traveler looking to meet fellow travelers, then you probably won’t mind sharing spaces with others where you’re staying. Chances are you’re also looking for activities that’ll allow you to socialize with locals and visitors alike. 

Factor in your budget. Check if the rates offered by the co-living hotel works with your budget. No matter how much you love a hotel’s facilities, it may not be the right choice if you’ll struggle with the overall costs. The beauty, however, of a co-living transit hotel is that it’s similar to a standard hotel in many ways, but the price range is leaning toward budget accommodations. It’s possible to get the best of both worlds. While you’re comparing options, take a look at the features you’re getting or losing.

Check the location. You’ll also want to pay attention to the location of staycation co-living hotels. Is it close to the business district? Is it in the middle of the residential area where you can be exposed more to the local culture and traditions? Are there nearby restaurants or food stalls? Are transportation utilities easily accessible? Are popular attractions close by? If the place is too far from the sites you’ll be visiting, see if the everyday commute will be manageable. 

Ask about the extras. Will you be able to cook in the kitchen? Do they offer free drinking water, along with other beverages, such as coffee? Do they have printers that you’re free to use anytime? Do they also have a gym, movie room, or laundry services? These extras may not be at the top of your list, but they sure can make a huge difference in your co-living hotel experience.

Don’t hesitate to ask fellow travelers or existing residents about their recommended co-living hotel choices. They’re most likely willing to offer tips, which can be more informative and transparent than the information you’ll see on websites.

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