What Is the Purpose of a Barcode Printer?

barcode printer

Barcodes have been around for years. The all too familiar beep of items passing through a scanner, from retail stores to cars, barcodes have become the number one identifier of products sold across the globe. The familiar image of a white space with even heighted black lines of varying thickness have become our automatic denotation of what a barcode is. But often many of us do not know what a barcode is and how it actually works.


What is a barcode?


A barcode in more technical terms is a way of representing data in a visual and more compact format. It often consists of bars and spaces that are machine readable. This means that when the barcode is scanned by the barcode reader the barcode invariably produces itself as a range of numerals and characters. These are represented by the varying widths and thickness of the black bars of the barcode.


They often represent an identification for specific products and inventory at stores across the globe


What is a barcode printer?


A barcode printer on the other hand is a printer solely designed to produce barcode labels that can be used to attach to objects. The printer functions by using either direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to apply the ink onto the label. Both methods are highly effective, however barcodes produced by direct thermal printers often have a comparatively lower longevity rate than those produced by those using the thermal printer mechanisms.


Why are barcode printers important?


Barcode printers are highly beneficial tools in stores across the world and are known for their ability to be used from large industrial businesses to tiny roadside small businesses. The flexibility of the barcode printer makes it highly efficient in increasing the pace in which items and products are labeled in stores.


Additionally good quality barcode printers are often long lasting and are in fact a long-term investment. They help increase productivity as well as quality as ordinary printers may be slower or less efficient in printing labels. Additionally, ordinary printers have an increased risk of smudging as well.


 In the modern world, barcode printers are often a handheld product and can be used and handled easily making it a tool accessible to anyone. A good example of this would be the hand-held barcode printers seen in grocery stores, that are often used by part timers with no prior experience in the industry. 


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