What to Know When Hiring an Indonesian Maid

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Hiring a maid does not only mean you have to hire someone who can help you do the household chores. It is also a crucial decision because you must always consider the safety of your home and your family members. One of the many things you need to consider is the loyalty of the person you are hiring.

It is advisable that if you want to hire a domestic helper, you should seek help from a maid agency in Singapore. This is to secure that you are getting the right person to address your needs. Here are some of the things you need to know why you need a maid agency in searching for your Indonesian maid:

  • Qualifications – A maid agency knows if an applicant is qualified to perform the work you’ll be assigning. As much as you want to know if the maid is qualified or not, it will be difficult on your part. This is when maid agencies come into play. They can screen people because they are skilled in doing that for you.
  • Procedures – It is a given fact that you are busy with your work or anything; that is why you need help from a domestic helper. And if that is the case, that means that you are busy enough to process the application of your future Indonesian maid. That is the work that will be done by the maid agency in Singapore, because they know that you have a hectic schedule, they will do the process of hiring a maid for you. They are professional agencies and they know the procedures, from looking for a potential Indonesian helper to preparing for their documents.

Qualities of Indonesian Maids:

Each Singaporean has different opinions and reasons for hiring a foreign domestic helper. Some Singaporeans want to hire an Indonesian maid because of the following qualities:

  • Work Attitude – They work hard for a dignified living. Indonesian maids are in demand in Singapore because they are good in household chores and are very hardworking.
  • Religion and Food Choice – Muslim Singaporeans select Indonesian as domestic helper because they have the same religion. It would be easier for them to move around the house and live under one roof if they have the same beliefs. Another thing is the same dietary practices. Since they are both not eating pork, it is easier for the maid to prepare food for the employer.
  • Well-Behaved – Indonesian maids may not be fluent or excellent in speaking in English, but Singaporeans notice that they are well-behaved and are easy going.

With this information, it is now easier for you to ask help from a reliable maid agency in Singapore. Keep in mind these things about Indonesian maids. Maybe these are the qualities that you are looking for in choosing a helper.

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