Why Business Owners Are Using Fixed VSAT Satellites

VSAT Satellite IP

What is VSAT Satellite?

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) refers to a two-way satellite VSAT antenna with a small antenna (dish). The antenna offers satellite services that support Internet, LAN, IP Voice, video and data communications.

These systems operate in Ku-band, C-band, Ka-band frequencies to transmit narrowband and broadband data. The Ku-band and C-band are most often used for enterprise satellite communications.
Common industries that make use of VSAT include mining, renewable energy, oil and gas, as well as maritime transportation industries.

Difference Between C-Band VS Ku-Band

The Ku-band has a higher frequency, with smaller antenna sizes. However, it is more likely to underperform in poor weather. The C-band has a lower frequency but is better suited for poor weather.

Benefits Of  VSAT

Efficient Communication Systems In Underserved Areas: Certain areas are underserved by landline, cellular, and other technologies. Sometimes, the coverage of traditional radio waves is also too weak to penetrate obstacles and surfaces, limiting efficient data transmission.

In these cases, VSAT antennas are the best choice to transmit broadband data. The VSAT terminals will receive signals in the Ku-band, C-band, Ka-band frequencies via satellite, providing connectivity throughout the areas.

Great Scalability: There are actually two types of satellite technologies: VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) and BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network).
Unlike BGAN which only offers lower bandwidths, VSAT has higher bandwidths that are capable of supporting a large number of users. With VSAT, business owners have the flexibility to increase bandwidth as their business grows.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Your VSAT Satellite Provider?

Not every provider delivers optimal VSAT connectivity. Below are some factors to consider before selecting the best vendor to suit your connectivity needs.

Reputable Company: Be mindful of a vendor’s capabilities and its background in offering VSAT services. Does it have a track record in providing quality service? It is recommended to check with the provider’s previous customers to recognise its quality of service, especially their technical processes and manpower capabilities.

Fast Customer Support: When your network goes down, you’d want to fix it quickly. Ensure the VSAT company can provide ongoing support, such as 24×7 service monitoring by qualified engineers so you will not be left stranded.

Quality Infrastructure: Work with a company that offers ready infrastructure and comprehensive capabilities. Ideally, its VSAT services should be connected to an extensive terrestrial network and high-speed Tier-One Internet backbone. The company should also have the expertise to install and maintain their equipment.

Enjoy A Peace of Mind With Singtel Satellite

Singtel Satellite is Asia’s leading provider of one-stop satellite communications and ICT solutions. We offer VSAT services with secure point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity. Flexible usage options are available to meet your specific business needs anytime and anywhere.

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