Why Term Insurance Is Important?

term life insurance singapore

No one can predict future. A term life insurance in Singapore is a necessity for every family. It ensures your loved ones have the financial resources to continue their lives, even when you are not around anymore. Many people consider term insurance plans one of the most basic economic necessities. 

The premium in term plans varies from company to company. It depends on the sum assured and tenure chosen. Insurance companies offer added benefits like a waiver of payment for three years or more if the insured person dies within one year of starting the policy and a waiver of premium for several years after renewal.

Term life insurance policies have a specific length of time when your rates are locked in, so you don’t have to worry about future rate increases. If you’re looking for an affordable coverage that provides your family peace of mind, term life insurance may be appropriate for your requirement.


Low Premium

The best term life insurance in Singapore offers the highest death benefit in place of a small premium. With the term plan, you have absolute control over the premium amount. You can choose the tenure depending upon your needs. The premium amount of a term plan is lower than other insurance plans. It has no investment element attached to them. Term plans are less expensive than traditional plans. The premium you pay for the term plan depends on your age and the policy term.


Be Insured Early

You will get a premium that varies with your age, the length of the policy term and the premium amount.  The older you are and the longer the term length, the higher the premium you must pay to buy the plan.


Lower tenure

Term Insurances are a wise option for those who do not want to invest in mutual funds and prefer an alternative avenue. You can opt for a term as low as ten years. If you have taken a home or personal loan, you can avail shorter-term plans with lower premiums. Term Insurance coverage is like a continuous policy. You do not need to pay any additional premium at renewal time, which makes this product simple to own.

Term insurance permits you to take out a policy for ten years’ worth of home loan if your loan term is also ten years. A long-term insurance policy ensures that if something happens to you during the loan period, your family can retain the home by repaying the balance loan amount. You can also apply for a multi or sequential policy which covers multiple loans over time.


Increasing Life Cover Term Plans

When the policyholder receives a salary increment, they can increase the term plan. A percentage increase can accomplish this. Term Plans are cost-effective and flexible. They provide coverage for a specific fixed number of years.


Longer term life cover

Term assurance is the most cost-effective way to protect your family. As an individual, you can take this cover for the short term up to age 75.


Fixed Premium

The premium of your insurance policy is locked in for the term of the policy. It can never be altered during the tenure. Hence, you can rest assured of paying a fixed amount annually without any increase in future.  As per prevailing tax laws, taxes are payable on the premiums you pay.


Riders Can Be Added

Term life insurance provides guaranteed benefits and is a good fit for those looking for coverage with some flexibility in the future. If you want more coverage and added benefits such as accidental death cover and critical illness, riders are a welcome add-on you can try out.


Easy to Buy

Buying a term plan online is the easiest thing. As there are many policies available, you can compare term life insurance in Singapore and go for the best and most convenient one appropriate for you. You can visit the respective company website, enter your details, and buy a policy in a few easy steps.



Term plans are a great way to protect the people who matter to you in life. When you have term life insurance term in Singapore, you have a financial safety net that gives you peace of mind. You know your family will be financially secure if you were to pass away.

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