4 Must-Have Desktop Stationery Items

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There’s no fixed or perfect formula when it comes to designing your office. But there is such a thing as the perfect office or workplace. At least the perfect space for you. Regardless of the size of your office, it simply comes down to the must-have office stationery items. From book ends to drawers, we’ve rounded up the 10 office supplies for a more functional and vibrant design.


Read on to get some inspiration and tips for bringing each office essential into your own space.


  1. Book Ends/Magazine Holders

If your office does not have enough space for displaying your books or magazines, book ends and magazine holders can simply do the trick. Book ends are effective in organizing books and keeping them accessible.


When shopping for book ends at a stationery shop in Singapore, be sure to look for one that has a non-slip design with a padded base. But if you want to add some creativity to your space, you can opt for decorative book ends with unique designs. Some of these are pineapple heavy duty bookends, lucky cat decorative book ends, monstera plant book ends, and much more.


  1. Calculators

While you can use the calculator on your laptop or desktop, having a stand-alone business calculator remains useful. It is ideal for business and financial calculations, time and data management, and statistical calculations.


With a calculator on your desk, you can perform business and financial calculations right away, such as time value of money, amortization, bonds, cash flow analysis, and interest rate conversions.


And when looking for a calculator, be sure to consider the following features: big display, battery & solar power, smooth touch, plastic keys, two-way power, and key rollover.


  1. Desktop Organizer

Do you want a desktop tray that is capable of holding not just your paper files but also pens? Or are you looking for a desktop organizer for filing folders and business cards?


Desktop organizers come in various forms, but all of them have one goal – to make your desktop organized and get rid of clutter. Most desktop organizers have letter trays and compartments for calculators, binder clips, glue sticks, scissors, staplers, staples, and more. Indeed, desktop organizers are an excellent storage solution for all your office supplies. And depending on your needs, you can choose from desktop organizers with a sliding tray or ones with multiple compartments.


  1. Pen Holders

If you want an organized desk space, pen holders are a must. When looking for a pen holder at a stationery shop in Singapore, choose one that is durable and cannot be broken. Also, it’s wise to buy a pen holder that can be easily cleaned and sanitized, is lightweight, and can hold a handful of pens, pencils, and even paintbrushes.


You might also want to consider its storage capacity. How many pens can it hold? Can it hold up to 50 to 70 pens? And about the design, do you want it to look formal or something cute? If you want something cute, you can go for pen holders that have animal designs. You’ll definitely love them if you are an animal lover.


Summing it up

The above four should always be in your office. By having them, you can expect increased productivity. Other office essentials that you may also consider are clips/pins, letter trays/drawers, magnetic buttons, name badge holders, puncher & accessories, rulers, and staplers/staples.




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