5 Common Types of Racking Systems and Their Benefits

racking system in Singapore

For warehouses and distribution centres, pallet racking systems prove to be a valuable asset. For businesses, they are the best investment, particularly when storage space is scarce and inadequate. A racking system in Singapore supports space optimization, boosts output, and makes inventory easily accessible. When you pick the right racking system, however, your investment in pallet rackings can pay off; the one that satisfies all of your requirements!

Let’s take a look at 5 common types of racking systems in Singapore and their benefits, making it easy for you to choose the best option for your company with this information.


Types of Pallet Racking Systems And Their Benefits

  • Selective Racking

In warehouses, the selective racking system in Singapore, also referred to as static racking, is the most widely used pallet storage racking in Singapore. Its widespread availability for custom configuration, low price, and variety of upright heights and beam sizes account for its popularity. You can store loads at different heights, and you have access to all of the loads. You have complete “selectivity” because you have access to each load directly. Despite being around since the 1950s, selective pallet racks are still widely used today due to their many benefits and relatively low cost.

  • Benefits of selective pallet racking

  • Simple to install and remove
  • For your industrial equipment, it can be set up in a variety of ways.
  • cheaper starting price in comparison to more complicated racking systems

  • Drive-in Racking

Due to its ability to store a lot of goods in a small space for extremely dense storage, the drive-in racking system in Singapore is popular in warehouses. Due to the elimination of aisles and the use of a single shared entry and exit point, it is ideal for warehouses with limited warehouse space.The operator “drives-in” to the system, loads from one side, and unloads from the opposite side.Due to increased interaction between the forklift and the rack as a result of the operator driving into the system, there is a higher risk of damage and safety issues.

  • Benefits of drive-in pallet racks

  • You can increase storage space by removing aisles.


  • Carton Flow Pallet Racks

You might want to think about using a carton flow racking in Singapore, if your company experiences high product turnover rates.Businesses that deal with small, lightweight, non-palletized items and require frequent, efficient order picking should use carton flow racks.It typically employs uprights and beams, much like a selective racking system in Singapore, but the lower levels have rollers mounted to rails to move the cartons from the loading side to the picking side of the system, giving ground-level workers easy access when loading or unloading cartons.Pallets are frequently kept above the flow rack for cartons.

  • Benefits of carton flow rack systems

  • Suitable for a variety of carton sizes
  • uses gravity as a source of free energy
  • Inventory of products is clearly visible.
  • Greater effectiveness in fulfilling orders

  • Cantilever Racking System

To store long items like pipes, carpet rolls, and lumber, cantilever racking systems use arms attached to upright posts.Cantilever racks are perfect for storing long loads because they combine towers, arms, and bases in their construction.They use arms that extend from the back to support loads without any vertical obstruction on the system’s loading side by using vertical supports on the structure’s back side.

  • Benefits of cantilever racks

  • suitable for heavy loads
  • Straightforward to install and modify
  • A wide range of capacity ranges
  • As there is no vertical obstruction on the system’s front, materials can be stacked horizontally.


  • Push Back Pallet Racking

For warehouses that have a lot of SKUs and want to increase storage density, push-back pallet rack systems are ideal.Pallets are stored in the racks on incline rails with free-moving carts. As pallets are loaded into the system, the loading pallet moves or stores pallets toward the system’s back, with the new pallet taking up the old pallet’s storage space. The next pallet rolls to the front position of the rack when loads are removed from the front.Since the next group of materials is moved forward by gravity, this type of racking system in Singapore is perfect for keeping frequently used items.Push-back racks use the LIFO method and are designed so that everything can be accessed from the front of the aisle.

  • Benefits of Push Back Pallet Racking

  • Greater density of storage
  • Tailored to your pallet sizes
  • Less expensive labour
  • Since forklifts are not allowed inside the rack structure, damage is minimal.
  • Pallet access expanded


Best Racking Systems For Your Warehouse

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