6 Fun things to do on a weekend


When you have free time, do you prefer to stay at home and slow down? Or are you the type to look for activities that will push you to be outside?

Everyone’s definition of fun is different. But in case you’re still thinking about how to spend your weekend, here are some activities you might want to consider.

Grill a feast.
Don’t waste the beautiful weather and the perfect opportunity for a grilled feast. Take out your indoor BBQ grill and whip some juicy meat dish for you and your loved ones. Cooking is a great weekender activity especially if you don’t get to do it that much daily. Also, if you’ve got a reliable BBQ grill, it won’t hurt to have it show off its magic once in a while.

Head to the park.
Is there a park that you’ve been meaning to check out? Sweating out, stretching, or relaxing outdoors is never a dull idea whether you’re alone or with your loved ones. If the weather permits it, head to the park for a walk. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. If you are to go with your loved ones, consider having a mini picnic too. Check out leftovers from when you had your indoor BBQ grill party. Take them with you for a mini feast continuation.

Catch the sunset with friends.
Go on with the fun even after the sun sets. Watch the night fall and stay awhile while you catch up with your friends. It helps if you still have some snacks or perhaps beverages on hand. Pack portable fans too for added comfort. Don’t forget to put on some insect repellent so mosquito bites won’t dampen the fun.

If you’re looking to spend your time where your efforts are most needed, look out for volunteering activities near you. You might find yourself caring for dogs, cleaning around, cooking for the homeless, or looking after seniors or little children. Whichever activity you choose, it’s fine. You’re winning your weekend with these life-changing experiences.

Host a movie marathon.
If you prefer to stay at home but would like some company anyway, consider inviting friends over for a movie or show marathon. Watch your favorite films or TV shows together. If you feel like cooking, you may also prepare something special with your trusted indoor BBQ grill. Take out your favorite wine to pair your grilled dish with. If watching starts to get monotonous, you can also play board games to enliven the day.

Clean your closet.
Cleaning out closets is also a great weekend activity. Look for items that you no longer use and see which ones you can donate or perhaps sell. It’s one great way to earn extra while helping yourself in the process. Decluttering can help bring peace of mind and mental clarity. How nice would that be to see everything in your closet is properly organised.


Have fun outside of weekends without the guilt

Try to squeeze in some quality time for yourself, daily. Indulge in the activities listed above, any day of the week, without feeling guilty. Quick breaks are crucial so you can recharge and deliver your best.

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