A Quick Yet Detailed Look at Concrete Joint Compounds

concrete joint compounds

Nowadays, construction often includes concrete waterproofing, especially when high-rise buildings are involved. However, it is also performed in residential facilities to ensure that they are going to withstand the test of time. 


In actuality, the application of waterproofing with concrete joint compounds properly plays a role in the structure’s integrity. Bear in mind also that poor construction can lead to water damage, endangering the building’s structure as well as the people inside. If not immediately addressed, their health and safety may be compromised.


Water damage can be prevented and potential risks can be avoided by using concrete joint compounds and employing correct waterproofing procedures. With this in mind, your balcony or roof needs to be waterproofed if you live anywhere in Singapore. This is especially true for buildings with numerous levels and occupants, as it may be expensive and risky to ignore water damage.


But what exactly are concrete joint compounds, and why are many raving about them? Read on and find out why they are popular nowadays.


What are concrete joint compounds?

In essence, concrete joint compounds are substances that may be used for a variety of tasks that formerly needed plastering, including finish joints, corner bead, trim, fasteners, as well as skim coating entire walls and ceilings. It is in handy for patching up holes and cracks in existing plaster and drywall surfaces.


The typical homeowner who is handy around the house and has some basic do-it-yourself skills may easily tape joints and apply concrete joint compounds to drywall before painting with a little time and effort.


The benefits of concrete joint compounds

  • Time-saving

Utilizing a ready-mixed joint solution has a number of benefits, one of which is time savings. There won’t be much cleanup required afterward, and you won’t have to spend hours mixing or prepping. You can use it straight from the container. Plus, it offers a smooth finish, hardens quickly, and sands easily. The task will be completed more quickly, saving you valuable time.


Concrete joint compounds are pre-made, lightweight joint compounds that are easy to use, quick to apply, and require little upkeep. 


  • Easy-to-apply

Professionals such as plasterers are highly skilled when it comes to mixing and therefore applying plaster or cement on surfaces so that it can achieve a smooth finish. Fortunately, unlike plastering, ready-mixed joint compound requires very little effort to apply when drywall tape is used in conjunction with it. Even for the novices among us, application is really straightforward. 


Also, drywall tape, fasteners, holes, tears, bumps, and so on, can be removed from the surface of drywall by using ready-mixed joint compound. All finishing stages, including taping, finishing, filling, patching, skimming, laminating, and even texturing, benefit greatly from its use.


  • High-quality finish 

Excellent coverage is offered by ready-mixed joint compound in a simple-to-apply formula. The instant the container is opened, the smooth texture is ready. It is particularly developed to offer a virtually pock-free finish that is smooth, light, and simple to sand.


  • Cutdown dust and other impurities

Dust and other impurities are challenging to contain–to say the least–and when traditional plastering is used, it frequently spreads to the most remote areas of your house and becomes challenging to remove. 


Using ready-mixed joint compound allows you significantly reduce dust accumulation and the like. To add, since there is no mixing, the mess is also greatly diminished.


Summing up

With concrete joint compounds, concrete waterproofing has become a lot easier and more hassle-free. If you choose to use it in your residential property, you can cut down professional fees since you can apply them yourself as long as you have basic DIY skills. 

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