Maximize Space and Improve Safety with Mobile Shelving

mobile shelving

Mobile shelving has become a fad in the logistics and warehousing industry thanks to the wide array of benefits that it brings. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s a storage cabinet or rack that is mounted to carriages on wheels. 


The wheels allow it to slide across a floor and, in the process eliminate fixed aisles that consequently waste space. Such an advantage, as straightforward as it may seem, can make or break business success because of the fact that it can improve storage capacity and efficiency; without compromising footprint. 


The said features also play a key role in improving safety. That’s because the risk of falling is much lower. 


Putting the said factors into consideration, investing in mobile shelving is the way to go, if you want to maximize space and achieve safety. Read on for details. 


On maximizing available space 

  • Making the most of vertical spaces 

If you own a startup company, chances are: funding is limited. And because of this, the available room to work is limited and as soon as it’s exhausted, what else can be done? You can consider extending your structure up to the ceiling. 


In most cases, the air within a building is going to be kept unaffected. If that’s the case, you can make better use of the space by stacking mobile industrial shelving systems to store additional products. You can make better use of your space by storing items on higher shelves, even if this requires customers to use a ladder to get them.


  • Customizable storage 

Mobile storage systems can be customized to make the most of your storage space by having all of your stainless steel shelving units built-to-order. With this, efficiency can be easily maximized by achieving the right dimensions. This, in turn, allows you to tailor your shelving to the specific dimensions of your room, making the most of the available square footage.


  • Easier to manage inventory 

Keeping track of inventory is essential in any warehouse or industrial storage facility. In order to have an accurate picture of what’s in stock and when it needs to be replenished, businesses should keep careful records of all incoming and outgoing products. The quantity of necessary storage devices is going to be affected by this.


Organizing your stock by means of mobile industrial shelving systems also involves giving everything a home. For instance, little, unboxed items can be kept in a drawer, whereas larger, more cumbersome items can be stored in cabinets. A better storage system is guaranteed as a result of this.


On improving safety

  • Ensures safety of movement 

While mobile shelving in Singapore is great for minimizing square footage, they are still going to benefit from a clear and spacious floor plan. In line with this, make sure that there’s plenty of room to move around. It’s also preferable to have enough light so that workers can see what they’re doing when moving these mobile storage systems. This way, the safety features of the said industrial shelving rack systems can be greatly enhanced. 


  • Packed with cutting-edge safety features

Thanks to technological progress, safeguards have been designed to eliminate risks associated with human lapses and mistakes. For instance, some mobile shelving systems come with high-tech motion detectors that are specifically designed to identify potential hazards. 


  • Lock wheels 

Many mobile shelving systems, including boltless shelving units, come with lock wheels that are specifically designed to prevent sudden and unsafe movements. This feature is handy in instances where the shelving systems are placed in appropriate locations.


Summing up 

If your goal is to reduce storage footprint and, in the process, maximize space and improve safety, then it’s safe to say that you cannot go wrong with mobile shelving in Singapore. They’re just perfect when it comes to keeping your logistics or storage facility safe, organized, and everything in between.

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