pre move in cleaning services singapore

Moving to a new home isn’t as simple as packing and unpacking bags. As much as you’re already looking forward to starting another chapter in your life in Singapore, you need to ensure everything’s in order first in your new apartment. 

That means making sure it’s ready to welcome you and your loved ones. Cleaning a unit may be easier the smaller the space and the fewer belongings you have. But it can still be painstaking, especially if you still have to manage your household at the same time. 

Hiring a professional cleaner can help lessen the workload for you. Here’s a quick guide to using pre-move in cleaning services in Singapore.

  1. Gather referrals. It’s normal to feel unsure about welcoming a stranger into your home, so start by asking for referrals from people within your network. See which service providers they recommend from their experience. You can also look for testimonials or customer reviews on trusted third-party sites or online forums. After coming up with a list of cleaning companies, try to get in touch with each one to verify contact information on their website.
  2. Request quotes. The general rule is, the bigger the space and the deeper level of cleaning required, the higher the costs too. Some service providers charge per hour while some offer package services. Be clear about the type of cleaning you need so the cleaning company can also provide you with a more realistic rate for their services. You can hire the cleaners for a one-time job, which is the pre-move in cleaning services in Singapore, or also decide to use their services regularly.
  3. See if they’re licensed and insured. Think of the worst-case scenario when hiring service providers. If anything happens during the job, who will be held responsible for it? Does the company have insurance in place to protect its employees, job site, and clients? Are they an accredited or licensed service provider with fully-trained staff? You’ll want to check if their employees are qualified and experienced. See as well if they have licenses from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and The National Environment Agency (NEA).
  4. Find out what’s included in their package. Make it clear which services are included in the package before signing any contract. Let them know ahead of time if you have special instructions or requests so they can also verify if they accommodate them. You might think an agency costs less, but you may be surprised as their quote is only limited to a few services. It’s better to see a higher, but complete quote, and without surprises. A service provider must also be honest about which services they charge additional rates to, such as upholstery cleaning.

As you evaluate pre-move in cleaning services providers in Singapore, consider steps you can take to minimize labor and project costs. For instance, you might want to donate, sell, or give away belongings you no longer use but are still in good condition. 

By reducing clutter, you can also reduce the work needed in preparing your new home. Audit your existing furniture, appliances, and equipment as well to avoid purchasing duplicates or unnecessary items.

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