Rain Shower Head Buying Guide

Before buying a rain shower head, you must know to find the best match for your needs. There are different showerhead types, and each type has certain features or characteristics that determine whether or not it is a good choice.

So, whether you are upgrading your bathroom or replacing a broken shower head, take a look at this rain shower head buying guide to get the most from your purchase.

1. Determine where to install.

You’ll want to know where your shower head is going to be installed. Will it be on the ceiling or the wall? Answering this question will help you determine which type of rain shower set to buy.

If you want to feel like the rain is coming down on you and that every part of your body is hit perfectly, a ceiling-mounted rain shower head is the ideal option. As the water falls directly from above, it gives you a more realistic rain effect. Also, with this type of rain shower head, there’s no need to turn or twist.

Rain shower heads can also be mounted from the wall and be installed easily without requiring much work. Unlike a ceiling-mounted rain shower head that may require the assistance of a plumber, a wall-mounted rain shower head is usually a DIY project and can be done by simply mounting it in place of your previous shower head. And if you still want to enjoy a rain shower experience, you can just add an adjustable or extendable shower arm.

2. Choose according to your preferred style.

When selecting a rain shower set, it is important to consider your personal preferences as shower heads come in various finishes, from chrome to bronze, antique brass to brushed nickel. Your shower head should not only work great but must also look great.

Ask yourself then, “do you prefer a shiny chrome finish, or will you go with a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish that matches any decor?” If you want your bathroom to evoke a sense of timelines, chrome is the popular choice. But if you prefer warm colors, you can never go wrong with oil-rubbed bronze.

3. Consider your bathroom space.

Does your bathroom have enough space? Is it large enough to handle all the “rainwater”? If your bathroom is large, feel free to choose anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. Remember that the larger the shower head is, the more “rainwater” it can produce.

Or is your bathroom small, and you’re worried that a rain shower head is too much? Fret not! There are rain shower heads available, which measure just six inches in circumference and don’t take up a ton of space. Moreover, there are shower head combos that offer multiple great features, including a space-saving design. Hence, you can still enjoy a calming retreat invigorating shower experience.


With their modern aesthetic and technology, rain shower heads can give you that calming feeling of standing in the rain. They’re one of your best options to upgrade your bathroom and give it a more sophisticated value. And to help you find the best rain shower head for your bathroom, just keep in mind this buying guide.

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