Recovering from Open-Heart Surgery: Things to Expect

Open-heart surgery is a major operation. After completing it, you may be worried about what you can expect as you head home. Your heart surgery specialist in Singapore will only discharge you from the hospital if they feel you’re ready, but even so, you’ll still need to take precautions.

Recovering from your open-heart surgery can take at least two to three months, so during this time, take it easy and try to maintain a positive mindset. Here are more things you can expect while your body is healing.

1.) You need to avoid strenuous activities

Moving slowly and carefully shall help your body to heal and regain strength. But you need to follow reminders provided by your doctors or rehabilitation team. Restrictions may vary per patient. But generally, lifting, pushing, or carrying objects weighing more than 10 pounds isn’t allowed. You cannot carry a small child yet or a heavy shopping bag, for instance. You also need to avoid physically demanding exercises or errands. You’ll want to avoid straining your chest, arms, back, and any other part of your body as this may affect your healing. It’s also dangerous to drive so in the meantime, you’ll need someone to do it for you should you need to be out.

2.) You must look after your incisions

Your incision is still fresh and needs your care. You need to clean it daily using mild soap and water as you shower. Don’t rub it and if there are still pieces of tape left, let them stay in place for at least seven days or simply wait for them to come off. Your incision may feel more sore at times, such as when there are changes in the weather. You may also notice it getting red or swollen. This is temporary and should subside with time. But if they persist or you’re seeing a discharge from the incision, be sure to contact your heart surgeon in Singapore right away. If you feel you need stronger pain medication, ask your doctor for a prescription.

3.) Your diet may change

Don’t worry if you feel you’re losing your appetite. It should be back to normal soon. That being said, eat small meals in the meantime. You need proper nutrition to help your body recover fully. Maintain balanced meals, containing fruits, vegetables, and those high in protein. Reduce the intake of food that’s high in fat and cholesterol, such as processed and fast food meals.

4.) You need to reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages

If you love drinking coffee or anything with caffeine, you have to be more patient and wait until you fully recover from your heart surgery in Singapore. Stick to decaffeinated beverages as too much caffeine can be bad for your heart. Your doctor may allow you to take alcohol, but it should be limited. Clarify with your heart doctor which beverages are safe for you to drink.

Recovering from open-heart surgery may be challenging, especially if you already miss your usual routine. But rushing may only prolong your body’s healing. So take this time to slow down, communicate with your heart surgery specialist in Singapore should you have concerns, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from family members when you need it.

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